For the majority of people who have them, tattoos are deeply personal markings of time, people, place, and experience. They can be a visible reminder of a loved one or a happy time, but spoon theory tattoos, in particular, can also serve as reminders when the wearer is feeling low or defeated.

Spoon theory tattoos we love

In the case of spoon theory tattoos, each tattoo tells a story all on its own. Spoon theory is a way for chronic pain sufferers to explain what it is like to live each day struggling with a chronic illness. In some cases, spoon theory may even come in handy for chronic pain patients as a reminder as well. This is where tattoos come in. The wide variety of spoon theory tattoos is just one illustration of the wide variety of people who suffer from chronic pain.

Here are 90 spoon theory tattoos we love.

1. Mary Jo’s tribute to herself and her cousin

Mary Jo’s cousin designed this beautiful tattoo that not only commemorates the beautiful struggle of spoon theory but also memorializes her mother and aunt, both of whom lost their own struggle with cancer.

90 Spoon Theory Tattoos We Absolutely Adore |

2. Barbra’s lilies

This tattoo of a spoon surrounded by lilies reminds us that there are still beautiful things all around us, even with chronic illness.

3. Corrina’s hope

Corrina’s tattoo is hidden on the underside of her wrist. The message of hope is one that all spoonies can relate to needing every now and again.

4. Lisa’s family

Lisa chose to honor her family and keep them close as her own personal collection of spoons.

5. Michelle’s luck

Adding a four-leaf clover to her graphic spoon theory tattoo brings Michelle a little bit more luck on a daily basis.

6. Sisterly love

Gabby got her spoon theory tattoo on her 18th birthday. Gabby’s sister got the same tattoo for when Gabby’s spoon just isn’t enough.

7. Mother/daughter support

Monique and her daughter both struggle with fibromyalgia. They got matching spoon theory tattoos as a reminder that the struggle is worth it.

8. Hailey’s reminder

A spoon theory tattoo that offers the reminder that every day, no matter how hard, is worth living. The body of the butterfly represents suicide prevention and awareness.

9. Tracy’s strength

In her own words:

“I got my tattoo after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease and going through a rough patch emotionally and physically with all types of crazy symptoms which oddly overlap with Fibromyalgia. I wanted to remind myself to be brave and strong. I got my version of a Thunderbird. Now, that I have fibromyalgia, too, it’s just an even better reminder to get up and get going. You can do this.”

10. Strength lies within

A lovely daily reminder hidden on Jessica’s instep that reminds her where strength really comes from.

11. Warrior spirit

Monica’s fighting tattoo to give her strength and keep her strong.

12. A family affair

Chronic illness can be isolating, but this spoon theory tattoo keeps it all in the family.

13. Words to live by

Another beautiful feather with words to keep in mind: Courage. Strength.

14. When just two words aren’t quite enough

Jackie’s tattoo of the serenity prayer helps her keep going when depression hits hard.

15. No more isolation

For Kelly, this tattoo eases the isolation. In her words:

“Knowing that it takes so much to spread our wings daily to get through the day. I’m reminded when I look at my tattoo quite often that I’m not alone.”

Getting spoon theory tattoos

If you are considering a spoon theory tattoo, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Pick your tattoo shop

Tattoo shops are safer than ever before, but it’s important to shop around. Tattoos should be done with single-use needles and inks, and you should be able to watch the artist open them in front of you. Ask the shop about their safety certifications and requirements for your state.

You should also feel comfortable in the shop. Tattoos are more mainstream than they used to be and are located in all areas of a city or town. Still, some shops cater to different types of clientele. You may find yourself more comfortable in one shop than in others.

Finally, if you are planning on getting a particular type of tattoo, look for an artist who works well in that type. Visit several to get a feel for the type of work they specialize in before you make your choice. If you want to get a portrait, pick a tattoo artist who specializes in portraits or you may be disappointed with your result.

Pick your tattoo carefully

Yes, tattoos can be removed with lasers, but that is painful and costly. Spoon theory tattoos are a great way to provide yourself with daily encouragement, but only if it’s not a reminder of a huge, painful mistake. Spoons are a popular choice, but butterflies, ribbons, and graphics are also popular choices.

Pick your tattoo location

Again, tattoos are generally forever. Some occupations also frown upon visible tattoos. If you want something you see every day but no one else does, stick to the front of your body in a hidden spot.

If work rules aren’t a consideration, that opens up more options.

Talk to your doctor

Although tattooing is generally recognized as safe and should not interfere with any type of treatment, talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about getting a tattoo. This can help set your mind at ease if you are worried about any possible complications.

For 75 more beautiful spoon theory tattoos, check out Lupus Connect’s website.


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