Opioid Resistance


More and More Patients Develop Opioid Resistance, Study Says Opioid resistance in patients has become more frequent as the quest [...]

Opioid Withdrawal


Opioid Withdrawal Has Long Term Effects, Experts Say Opioid withdrawal is becoming a problem. If you suffer from chronic pain, your primary [...]

Operation OpioidSAFE


Operation OpioidSAFE Helps Soldiers in Chronic Pain Operation OpioidSAFE started because many soldiers are treated for chronic pain. With more soldiers [...]

Painting Pain


Painting Pain Portraits Helps Relieve Pain Painting pain portraits is a growing phenomenon for many patients in pain. Websites like [...]

Pain Tolerance


Pain Tolerance in Athletes vs. Everyday Active People Pain tolerance is an interesting new topic that might be talked about [...]

Opioid Compliance


Opioid Compliance Opioid compliance has been a hot topic at several pain practices across the country. Many doctors have growing concerns [...]