Pinterest is an online tool for “pinning” images and websites, much like a corkboard you might keep in your kitchen to tack up family pictures, recipes, interesting quotes, or to-do lists.

Previously, people used the bookmark function on their computers to set aside websites for future reference, but many times if the computer crashed or the memory was wiped out, so were the bookmarked websites. Pinterest keeps all of your pins organized into separate boards that are stored in the cloud and accessible from any computer.

Many people use Pinterest as a way to organize DIY projects or to inspire them, but there is a growing niche of Pinterest boards that are functioning as inspiration and support for diabetic patients. Here are a few we love!

Everyday Diabetic Recipes

Eating for diabetic patients can be challenging, especially if they are battling other conditions such as chronic pain. This Pinterest board has tons of recipes for everything from easy weeknight dinners to quick rolls with three ingredients to dessert. There are also plenty of vegetarian options that go beyond basic salads, and each recipe has been tested for taste and ease of preparation. Everyday Diabetic Recipes includes links to other boards, so you can expand even further!

Diabetic Living

Diabetic Living is a Pinterest board created by the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. This is also a great collection of recipes with over 2,400 pins in categories like Healthy Casseroles, Diabetic Snacks, and Healthy Eating. The Healthy Eating board is especially informative, offering tips and education on ways to improve your health with articles like “25 Power Foods For Diabetes” and “7 Healthy Cooking Methods For Diabetes.” This Pinterest board has something for all diabetic patients, including kids.

American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association maintains a Pinterest account that is filled with information, encouragement, and inspiring stories. From inspirational sayings to practical advice on foot care and calls for research, this Pinterest board gives its 6,500+ followers plenty to read, view, and think about.

Diabetes Research

“The Diabetes Research Institute was created for one reason – to cure diabetes – which is and will continue to be its singular focus until that goal is reached.” This is the tagline and focus of this Pinterest board, but there is more than just research studies. Dads blog, celebrities lend their support, and dogs offer assistance in this clever gathering of websites.

Diabetic Connect

The board on this list with the largest group of followers by far is Diabetic Connect. This Pinterest board offers its 16,750+ followers support, advice, and recipes. Whether you are newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or managing Type 1 diabetes since childhood, Diabetic Connect is a great place to find support. Diabetic Connect also has a website that has active and involved forums and chat rooms to make connections with other diabetic patients who need support or have “been there, done that.”

Diabetes Community

Based in the UK, Diabetes Community posts recipes, health tips and activities that anyone can use. There is also a helpful link to another online support group with over 40,000 active members. Diabetes Community has specific boards for diabetes in children and travel for diabetic patients.

There is so much information out there that it can be overwhelming, but Pinterest can help you organize. If you want to start your own site, visit Pinterest to sign up and follow these tips:

  • Organize information into categories that make sense to you. There are no rules about what you name your Pinterest boards or what you pin onto them. If you want to have a board that highlights beautiful things to inspire you, make it happen!
  • Try not to pin everything you see that looks good. You don’t want your Pinterest boards to become Pinterest graveyards, filled with dead links or things you never use again. If you are a vegetarian, pinning meat-filled recipes is a waste of time. Try to read or at least skim over what you are pinning before you pin it. That way you know it’s useful for you.
  • Follow other Pinterest boards and get email notifications when they add a pin. A quick search of the term “diabetes” yields thousands of results for people, pins and specific boards to follow. You can use the search bar to get even more specific. Typing in “gluten free diabetes” yields a board with recipes for diabetic patients eliminating gluten from their diet.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed. Just because the amount of information is staggering doesn’t mean you have to read it all. If you are newly diagnosed, focusing on just one thing to start with (e.g., changing your diet) is a good way to narrow your search results. You want your Pinterest board to be useful and easy to access, not clogged with articles or websites you will never read.

If you have a Pinterest board for diabetic patients, share the link in the comments below!

Image by mkhmarketing via Flickr


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