Pain Doctor CertifiedWhat Does It Mean To Be Pain Doctor Certified? certification ensures the doctor you are seeing has met a high set of quality standards that we believe each pain doctor should possess. Pain management is an entire specialty where doctors learn how to treat pain in a safe environment.

Did you know that one in four people in the U.S. struggle with chronic pain every single day? That’s 25% of the population!

If you are one of that 25%, or know someone who is, there is hope. There are many highly qualified pain doctors in the United States who can help you or someone you love beat chronic pain and get back to a normal, happy life.

When we say a doctor is certified, you can expect the pain doctor and his or her staff will treat you the way the same way as his or her own mom or dad.

Most importantly, certified doctors:

  1. Are board certified, interventional, and fellowship trained doctors specializing in pain management.
  2. Administer proper doses of medication. Medications are a tool, but not the only tool.
  3. Recommend lifestyle changes for diet and exercise.
  4. Offer complementary medicines and treatments to attack your pain from every angle.
  5. Have psychological and behavioral services available and believe in these treatments. certified pain doctors use integrated and comprehensive techniques to help you get back to life. The goal of any certified physician is to eliminate unnecessary medications and eliminate unnecessary surgery.

The next time you see your pain doctor, ask if he or she is certified. You’ll be glad you did.

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