Chronic pain patients are often reminded that tracking their pain is a good way to predict flare-ups or to pinpoint causes. Other than keeping a pen-and-paper record of everything eaten and all activity, there are few effective ways of tracking episodes of chronic pain. Additionally, it can be hard to connect the dots between food/activity and chronic pain. New pain trackers and pain diary apps are changing all of that. Here are 24 of our favorite chronic pain apps, from trackers to medication reminders.

10 pain trackers and diaries

Chronic pain apps can help you track symptoms, create reports for your doctor, and more. Here’s some of the best free and paid options, for both iOS and Android phones.

(List updated March 2018.) 

The Best Chronic Pain Apps | PainDoctor.com1. CatchMyPain

CatchMyPain is one of the most well-known pain apps not only for its helpful features but also for the way in which it builds community.

CatchMyPain has a forum feature that connects chronic pain patients to each other. In addition, doctors and researchers are studying anonymous data from users to find areas of focus for research and treatment. With this pain app, patients can:

  • Locate their pain on their body
  • Track stress, fatigue, and mood
  • Connect with their physician

This company also provides Pain Companion, a pain tracking app that’s incredibly visual and easy to use.

Available for Android and iOS, both free and paid versions. 


The Best Chronic Pain Apps | PainDoctor.com2. My Pain Diary

My Pain Diary not only tracks patient data but also uses it to make potential connections between certain reported events (even weather) and pain flare-ups. This pain app uses color coding to make it easy to read. It also automatically gathers weather data from the user’s location

It also allows pain patients to send data to their doctor, or they can choose to keep certain parts of their reports private

Users can also attach photos to share with their physician and can also set medication and appointment reminders.

Available for Android and iOS phones, both free and paid versions.