As the clock strikes 12:01 a.m. and we toast the start of the new year, here at Pain Doctor we are looking forward to another 365 days of wellness and hope. Pain Doctor has long been a strong proponent of patient education, care, and empowerment, and this year we are adding to this idea, introducing a new slogan and theme that will drive us forward: Pain Doctor Cares.

While we have always focused on care that we would want for our own families, this year we are adding to that by looking to our patients for guidance. What does this mean?

Patient care goes beyond taking a temperature or getting other vital signs. It is more than working with your insurance company or prescribing a treatment plan. To us, patient care is the process of enveloping the patient in support, understanding, and holistic treatment that is as minimally-invasive as possible. It is about respecting all of the roles you play in your life, respecting your time, and respecting your wishes.

Patient care is about building relationships and trust, and to do this we plan to focus on the following.

We want to know how you are living out in the world.

It is one thing for us to advocate certain treatments and complementary medical approaches, but it is quite another to receive actual patient feedback on what they need and get out of these treatments. It’s important for us to know our patients in their daily lives so that we can offer them the most helpful and effective treatments and care so they can get on with their daily lives. Your life should not revolve around your pain, and we want to help merge your treatments seamlessly into your active day.

We want to know what you think.

This year more than ever we are turning to our social media accounts to post patient testimonials and develop relationships nationwide. Patient feedback and real-time conversations are important to develop a network of care and advocacy. Social media can connect us across the nation and inform the ways we approach our work. Research and conferences are an important part of our work, but effective application of what we have learned is of paramount importance when it comes to care. Social media helps us better understand what we are doing well as well as indicating areas of needed growth.

We want to focus on patient care and compassion.

Patients have always been our focus. Minimizing or eliminating your pain so you can get back to your life has been our motivation from the very beginning. In 2016, we want to work even harder for you, focusing on patient care that is delivered with compassion. This means approaching each patient holistically, understanding the whole person, not seeing them as a syndrome or collection of symptoms. While we have always treated our patients like family, with Pain Doctor Cares as our guiding light, we want to reaffirm our commitment to compassionate, effective, and complete patient care.

Patient care may seem like a given in a medical setting, but too often the medical community can lose its sense of direction. With changes in healthcare and continually evolving research, some clinics may have a hard time looking past the numbers and the statistics. This can result in a standard of care that is uniform. It may seem dismissive or cookie-cutter. Patients may begin to feel dehumanized or invisible. For those living with pain, this can be the final straw in a long series of painful events.

At Pain Doctor, we are committed to seeing and serving everyone in our community as individuals. It is important to us that we are trusted, valued neighbors in our clinics, and this starts with dedicated, personalized patient care. While we recognize that no one would choose to live with pain, we are grateful that you have chosen to work with us to help resolve your pain.

As we look forward to these powerful changes occurring this year at Pain Doctor, we wanted to take a moment to wish you a very happy New Year. We look forward to working with you to make it pain-free and prosperous!

What changes would you most like to see at Pain Doctor? How can we better care for you?


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