These days, more people are going gluten-free. More than just a fad or a trend, eliminating gluten from your diet can result in:

  • Less inflammation in the joints: Gluten has been linked to inflammation in the joints, exacerbating conditions like arthritis.
  • Help with chronic pain: Those with fibromyalgia have reported fewer flare-ups after eliminating gluten from their diets.
  • Improved diet: While it is possible to be completely gluten-free and still eat in an unhealthy way, many who eliminate gluten increase their intake of whole, fresh foods, which can result in weight loss and increased energy.

For some, going gluten-free is literally a life-saver. For people diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder like celiac disease, the only current treatment recommendation is to completely eliminate all sources of gluten.

Inflammatory bowel disease is another disease that can benefit by eliminating gluten. Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis respond favorably to a gluten-free diet, with patients finding that they have fewer flare-ups once the gluten is out of their system.

Once you decide to take the plunge into a gluten-free diet, the amount of information online can be overwhelming. In order to make any drastic shift in diet stick, it is important to start with clear, simple, easy-to-read information. Much of this can be found on our ten favorite gluten-free blogs.

1. No Gluten

Brian Jackson is a blogger with ulcerative colitis who focuses on reviews of gluten-free products (helpful when you are first starting out and learning to cook) while outlining the basics. We love his entry on how to eat gluten-free. It’s simple, informative, and makes gluten-free eating seem possible and easy.

2. Yum Universe

We love this blog not only for the delicious, easy recipes but for the helpful tips on things like plant-based, gluten-free food while traveling. All of the recipes on this site are gluten-free and vegetarian, but they are designed to satisfy all diets. As the site’s author, Heather Crosby says:

“I am not interested in labels and I don’t believe that one diet fits all. You can call yourself vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, fruitarian, nutritarian or a bacontarian, but no matter what, I think we all can agree (medical and holistic professionals, too) that the more plant-based, clean foods we eat, the better off we all will be.”

3. Gluten-Free Girl

Shauna James Ahern frequently teams up with her partner, Daniel Ahern, to create delicious, easy, gluten-free food for anyone’s diet. We love the sidebar on her landing page with subjects like “New to Gluten-Free?” and cooking videos. Shauna’s new book Gluten-Free Girl: American Classics Reinvented hit stores in July 2015 and promises to be just as delicious as her blog!

4. The Art of Gluten-Free Baking

This site is arguably the final authority on gluten-free baking. Jeanne began learning about gluten-free baking after she was diagnosed with a life-threatening wheat allergy. She specializes in baking that is delicious, not just “pretty good for gluten-free.” Her gluten-free flour recipe is not to be missed and makes daily gluten-free baking a snap.

5. Poor And Gluten-Free

Going gluten-free can be expensive, what with the specialized flours and gums needed to bake substitutes for everyday foods. Danielle S. LeBlanc started her site to help the average person going gluten-free do so affordably and deliciously. In addition to cooking and baking, Danielle’s site features a “DIY” section with tutorials and articles on living frugally with a smaller footprint.

6. Gluten Free Mom

Gluten Free Mom is a lifesaver for families with kids who are gluten-free. While adults can understand the health benefits of going gluten-free, sometimes kids just want a simple meal. Try her thick-crust pizza, or explore sections on starting a gluten-free diet or traveling gluten-free.

7. CAFÉ by Jackie Ourman

CAFÉ is an acronym that stands for “celiac & allergy friendly epicurean,” and Jackie’s site is no joke. Her savory dishes stand out among gluten-free sites, especially since her site embraces cooking with meat (many gluten-free sites are also plant-based). Jackie is a culinary school graduate whose goal is safety without sacrificing taste: “My goal for the food I prepare is that it doesn’t ever taste like it’s missing anything.”

8. Tartelette

For the sheer beauty of the site, we love blogger Helene’s gorgeous blog. The fact that her recipes are delicious and artfully prepared is an added bonus! Helene is the former pastry chef at a French restaurant but now focuses on developing recipes that use fresh, seasonal ingredients.

9. Delicious Obsessions

With the tagline, “Real Life. Real Food. Real Delicious,” Delicious Obsessions does not disappoint. Jessica’s site offers a podcast, an easy-to-use meal plan, and a community for discussion and support. The focus in this site is on practical, useful advice and recipes that anyone can follow.

10. Canelle et Vanille

If you are a foodie who is in despair due to a gluten-free recommendation, this is the blog for you. Aran is a food stylist who has turned her considerable talents to developing delicious sweet treats that happen to be gluten-free. She offers photography workshops in addition to recipes, both in an easy style that belies the complexity of the treats she creates and the pictures she takes.

Going gluten-free can be intimidating for some, but these ten blogs can get you started and inspired. With everything from the basics on making your own (affordable) cup-for-cup flour substitute to adding the finishing flourishes on a delicate, seasonal fruit tart, you will find everything you need right here.

If you are already experienced in all things gluten-free, what are your favorite tips, tricks, and blogs for making the transition?


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