My quest for knowledge is never ending. I sometimes find myself watching those commercials about how a drug can completely “melt” the fat off. It’s amazing that these drugs promise such great results with little responsibility from the participant. Losing weight isn’t that easy. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is. Recently, I was checking a few health news blogs and found a very interesting story about a new Novo Nordisk obesity drug. The company believed this drug could cut the fat and bring a cure to obese people dealing with diabetes.

The Facts on the Novo Nordisk Obesity Drug

Novo Nordisk’s obesity drug for obese diabetes patients isn’t the quick fix the company hoped for. Latest clinical train data shows a 6 percent reduction in weight loss – only 1 percent higher than those on a lower dose. The news didn’t help Novo Nordisk’s stock, which has recently fallen by 4 percent. Bummer. Check out these two facts below.

Obesity Drug Bad Results

The study followed:

  • Patients with Type 2 diabetes, who were given 3 milligrams of liraglutide.
  • The Phase III trial followed a previous study, which gave 1.8 milligrams of the drug to patients.

The difference? While the second group received almost double the amount of the injected drug, they lost just 1 percent more body weight. Type 2 diabetes, and other weight-related illnesses, are killing the American population faster than public health officials can react. Children born today are expected to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents because of obesity. This is a preventable tragedy. We should be working together to encourage healthy weight loss. I look forward to reading your thoughts on this issue with the Novo Nordisk obesity drug. Comment below.


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