Officials at the World health organization predict motor vehicle injuries will increase by 65 percent during the next 20 years. Currently, some 1.2 million people are killed in motor vehicle accidents annually. There are another 50 million people who are injured yet survive.

Motor vehicle injuries are quickly becoming one of the leading causes for healthcare expenses in the united states. The most common injury seen from such accidents is chronic whiplash.
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Additionally, post-traumatic stress disorder is common in motor vehicle accident survivors. (studies have shown both physical and psychological factors in the long-term recovery of whiplash, specifically.) Acute neck pain is also common. Research shows some 15-40 percent of all patients will go on to develop chronic neck pain as well.

While a car accident victim may not feel the effects of the accident immediately, visiting an emergency room is recommended. Most whiplash symptoms won’t appear for several hours at a minimum. Untreated whiplash and other neck conditions can cause long-term health issues, including chronic pain.

The Centers for disease Control and Prevention recommend several key behavior changes to improve driving safety, and reduce future accidents. Namely, drivers are encouraged to wear seat belts and make sure all children are harnessed properly in car seats. Additionally, they recommend a zero tolerance policy for use of cell phones, or impaired driving while operating a vehicle. offers advice to treat patients daily who are suffering from injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. Our healthcare team is arm with the knowledge of both the latest technology and most comprehensive treatment options to help those in pain find relief.


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