Moms in pain face challenges that “healthy” moms do not. In addition to the already-challenging work of parenting, moms in pain need to figure out how to navigate the complicated process of parenting with pain. Sometimes it can help to have someone who has “been-there-done-that” helping you along.

Here are our top ten blogs from moms in pain

1. The Sticky Apron

Being a mom is hard enough without the challenges of chronic pain, and Cher B. understands this more than most. A Navy wife and young mother with two toddler sons, Cher suffers from hypothyroidism, endometriosis, and fibromyalgia. In “Being A Mom With Chronic Illness,” Cher tells her story and offers advice on dealing with the many challenges that moms in pain face:

“Being a mother with chronic illness has taught me how to be selfless and my children how to be compassionate. Leading a life where you serve others is therapeutic. However mom remember balance, you do have limits and extra needs because of your condition. If you don’t take care of yourself then you cannot take care of others.”

2. Chronic Mom

Shelley is another mom with more than one chronic pain condition. In her case, Lyme disease and fibromyalgia are a daily part of her parenting routine. Shelley’s pragmatic, straightforward approach to parenting her children (ages six and nine) when she isn’t feeling well reiterates what so many other moms in pain have found – parenting with a chronic illness makes kids more compassionate and understanding.

Shelley emphasizes that parenting is not a sport with rewards but should instead focus on loving kids:

“Modern parenting has turned into a competition in proving the how awesome of a pinterest parent we are. The reality of it is that even if I wasn’t sick I would still be a terrible pinterest parent because I just suck at that stuff…At the end of the day my kids know that I love them and that I want to spend my time with them, healthy or not.”

3. Just Mildly Medicated

An Army wife with four kids and a hyperactive goldendoodle, the blogger behind Just Mildly Medicated would have her hands full even without a chronic pain condition. JMM suffers from dysautonomia, a chronic pain condition that presents with any number of symptoms including pain, dizziness, and abnormal heartbeat, just to name a few. Dysautonomia is essentially dysfunction in the central nervous system, and, according to JMM, the side effects from the medications are almost as bad as the symptoms themselves.

JMM is a clear proponent of aggressively treating her condition with medication, but asks, tongue-in-cheek:

“You mean to tell me you just cannot come up with a medication that actually treats a medical condition that causes a few things like maybe maintain ideal weight for height, clear radiating skin or maybe restful sleep?”

Her sense of humor and positive approach to her condition make her blog an inspiring (and entertaining!) read.

4. Mom’s Small Victories

Moms in pain deal with a wide variety of pain conditions. Tanya of Mom’s Small Victories has rheumatoid arthritis and three small children at home. Her blog is jam-packed with link-ups for other bloggers, reading challenges, recipes, and categories for living with a chronic illness. Every day is filled with small victories for moms in pain, and Tanya celebrates them right along with her readers.

5. Chronically Whole

Stacy of Chronically Whole is mom to three kids and is living with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), rheumatoid arthritis, and Lyme disease. Her mission for her readers?

“Be reminded that you are not alone.

Know that while your body may be broken, you are whole. You have worth and a purpose.

Know that your work and your worth are separate things. Your identity is not what you do, it’s who you are.

Be made aware of the resources available to you and how to navigate through hard places.

Find overwhelming love and support.”

Her writing is heartfelt, compelling, and at times difficult to read for its subject matter. Through it all, there is a sense that she is truly dedicated to sharing her story in the hopes that she will help others.

6. Excuse Me: I Didn’t Sign Up For This

The full title of this blog is “Excuse Me, I Didn’t Sign Up For This ((Mostly Sane) Ramblings Of a Middle Aged Woman (MAW) Living With Multiple Chronic Illnesses),” and it reflects the personality of the blogger to a T.

Shari suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Hashimoto’s, and dysautonomia. She is the only grandmother-to-be on this list, blogging about the challenges she will soon face with new grandbabies. This older perspective is a voice that is not often heard in the blogosphere, especially with regard to chronic pain.

7. Spoons. One Woman’s Sardonic Look at Home, Family, And Living With Lupus

Erin Clough is the marathon-running author of this blog and a mom to four boys who keep her running the other half at home. While her language is salty at times, she is a sincere and thoughtful advocate of moving through whatever challenges life presents.

Her blogs are less frequent that some of our other favorites, but they are definitely worth waiting for.

8. No One Gets Flowers For Chronic Pain

JessMar is the pseudonym of the blogger behind No One Gets Flowers For Chronic Pain, and her voice is clearly different from the other moms in pain on this list. Her writing features her very personal struggles with pain, with not much mention of kids or parenting tips. This blog is a journal of sorts, a private place away from the role of mother. This is the place where she processes what is happening to her, ostensibly so that it does not affect her family life.

Her words are powerful and personal. Hers is a voice worth listening to.

9. The Malleable Mom

The Malleable Mom is another unique voice in that both the blogger and her children are living with chronic joint pain. One of our favorite posts deals with vacationing with a disability and begins with the sentence, “We lasted 12 years without taking our kids to Orlando…”

The fact that she offers readers the option to skip to the tips at the end clearly demonstrates her awareness of her audience and her better-than-average sense of humor.

10. The Unbroken Smile

Raising an infant and dealing with chronic pain? The Unbroken Smile knows what you are going through. A compendium of multiple writers, this blog offers many different perspectives on everything from dealing with doctors to dealing with medication. The tone is overwhelmingly like talking to a good friend with a supportive shoulder and a ready hug.

Moms in pain have strong voices in the blogosphere. Who’s your favorite?


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