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Neck pain is a condition that develops quite often in adults, especially women. More specifically, reports show that 15% and 25% of males and females, respectively, whose ages range from approximately 21 to 55 years of age experience both neck and shoulder pain during their lifetime. In addition, this condition often becomes the cause of chronic pain and discomfort. Furthermore, there is some evidence to support the notion that a large number of individuals who experience pain in the neck may continue to suffer from it up to six months after the pain has begun.

Neck pain is relatively common, with the greater number of those suffering from neck pain being female. In fact, estimates have suggested that up to 15% of males and 25% of female adults (ages ranging from 20 to 56 years of age) will experience some form of neck and shoulder pain over the course of their lifetime.

Neck Pain Causes

beautiful young woman has a pain in the neckDue to the complex structure of the neck and cervical spine, neck pain can develop from a variety of issues. The degeneration of muscle or tissue in the neck, which may gradually occur over time, often causes neck pain.

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