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18 Of Your Questions About Cutting-Edge PRP Therapy, Answered

Platelet rich plasma therapy, or PRP therapy, is a cutting-edge treatment option for chronic pain patients. This exciting therapy approach can jump-start your body's natural healing processes, reduce inflammation, and help resolve nagging pain from previous injuries. It can also promote the regeneration of soft tissue and healing within the [...]

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What Do Fibromyalgia Headaches Feel Like? (Plus Treatments)

More than 50% of people with fibromyalgia suffer from fibromyalgia headaches. The similarities between headache and fibromyalgia are an important key to both diagnosis and treatment. Understanding the symptoms of fibromyalgia headaches may help you find relief from these painful episodes. This post covers the symptoms and causes of fibromyalgia headaches, [...]

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What Should I Know About ACL Surgery?

The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is a connective tissue in the knee. This important ligament helps with your stability and mobility. ACL tears are common in athletes who play sports that require lots of cutting and pivoting, such as soccer, basketball, rugby, and skiing. However, an ACL tear can [...]

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