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8 Of The Most Common Occipital Neuralgia Causes

Occipital neuralgia is a relatively rare condition that can cause intense head pain, especially at the base of the skull. Sufferers may also experience pain behind one eye, blurry vision, or light sensitivity. While occipital neuralgia causes aren't well-understood, there are some known sources that can lead to this condition. These [...]

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15 Of The Best TED Talks On Health And Pain

“Ideas worth spreading”: this is the slogan of the TED (Technology, Engineering, and Design) organization. It informs every TED Talk that they curate. Speakers run the gamut from everyday people to world-renowned scientists, artists, and thinkers. These ten to 20-minute gems offer a brief glimpse into the world. They provide [...]

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How To Boost Energy And Stay Healthier This Winter

Winter can be rough. Even if your climate is more temperate, the days get shorter and you may find yourself lacking energy. From protecting yourself from illness to avoiding seasonal depression, here's how you can stay healthier this winter. Why do we lose so much energy in winter?  It is [...]

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