If Reddit is the “front page of the internet,” delivering all of the news you need to know, then Greatist.com, a site we love, is the one directory that you need for making smart, healthy choices about how to live, what to eat, and how to move your body.

What is Greatist.com?

Founded on the idea that the healthiest choices for you are the ones you will actually stick with, Greatist.com goes above and beyond to offer positive, healthy attitudes on everything from relationships to chronic pain.

Here are nine reasons why we love Greatist.com.

1. Their approach to health and wellness is real

For many people, making positive changes to their health and wellness routines can be challenging. There a million conflicting opinions on the best choices for optimal health. Many of them are difficult to stick with in the long-term. Greatist doesn’t offer quick fixes or make promises about losing 100 pounds in two weeks. Their approach is to offer suggestions and tips for ways to make sustainable, authentic change.

2. The process to becoming Greatist is simple

There are three simple steps to becoming the “Greatist” version of you:

  • Accept change isn’t easy
  • Find out what’s good for you (not necessarily what’s good for everyone else)
  • Live with a healthy attitude

That’s all it takes to be on your way.

3. Their articles are fact-checked, researched-based, and reliable

One of the main issues with information on the internet is knowing what’s true and reliable. Greatist.com employs experts to fact-check each article. This includes verifying research and double-checking studies and statistics.

The article “5 Simple Moves To Eliminate Lower Back Pain” is written by a personal trainer who cites six separate studies in the text. The suggested moves were created by a doctor with experience designing exercises to strengthen the muscles in the back body.

“What You Don’t Realize Inflammation Is Doing To Your Body” cites four separate studies to back up the claims in the article. It is also fact-checked by two separate experts before publication. Greatist.com wants to make sure that you can trust the information they give you, so they work hard to ensure that it’s reliable.

4. Greatist.com loves social media

Some of the best health ideas and support can be found on Greatist.com’s Instagram account. Their over 53,000 followers can interact with Greatist’s posts or tag their own posts with the hashtag #greatistyou to contribute to the conversation.

Greatist.com also has an active and engaging Facebook presence, with over half a million members on its Facebook page. Recent posts include “7 Fruits And Vegetables You Should Be Eating In July“ and “The 7 Things No One Tells You before Your First Indoor Cycling Class.”

One of our favorite social media platforms for Greatist.com is Pinterest, with Greatist’s tagline: “Fall in love with what’s good for you.” They have nearly half a million followers here and have pinned nearly 28,000 pages. Among other offerings, Greatist.com Pinterest boards include advice on healthy living, mental health, and quick workouts.

5. The site is easy to use

With so much information, some sites might be difficult to navigate or frustrating to search. Greatist.com keeps it simple with clear headers for searching (“explore”) and finding out more about who is behind the site (“about”).

6. Greatist.com is a food lover’s paradise

The “Eat” tab on the main page of Greatist.com may be all you need for the rest of your healthy life in the kitchen. The page begins with “Today’s Specials.” These are recipes and videos for delicious meal ideas. Scroll down and things start to get interesting. From Food Cures (“What to eat (and avoid) to ease crankiness, mid-run crashes, hangovers, and more”) to What Experts Eat (“The answer to one simple question can teach us so much—when we ask the right people”), Greatist.com offers many dinner and diet ideas that are quick and easy.

For chronic pain patients looking to eliminate gluten, focus on inflammation-preventing diets, or otherwise trying to eat to reduce pain, there are tons of options. We are currently loving “19 Gluten-Free Dinners Ready In 30 Minutes Or Less” for fast, easy, delicious ways to reduce or eliminate gluten.

7. They like to move it (move it)

Greatist.com recognizes that movement is the key to health. Whether you are managing chronic pain, losing a few pounds, or trying to increase your overall level of fitness, the “Move” tab offer workouts and articles to help you get where you need to go.

Although many of their workouts are quite intense (we’re looking at you, High Energy Cardio Kickboxing Workout You Can Do At Home!), there are also plenty of low-impact or more gentle options, including:

8. Greatist.com obviously has a sense of humor

The “Live” tab on the main page features everything that is not food- or workout-related, a category that covers a surprising amount of territory. On this journey, Greatist.com looks at the phenomenon of lettuce eating contests and crying at Chipotle ads. Somebody at Greatist.com took the saying “Laughter is the best medicine” and ran with it.

9. But they also take their job seriously

Ultimately, Greatist.com is about fostering health and wellness of mind, body, and spirit. In the Live tab there are plenty of articles dealing with mental illness, body shaming, and politics. They don’t shy away from controversial topics.

If you haven’t become Greatist yet, check out their site and let us know what you think in the comments below!


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