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    What causes your migraines?
    There are so many triggers. I went to a Neurologist who gave me these things as triggers I started keeping a migraine journal. Every time I had a migraine I would write down what I was doing before I got the migraine, what had I eaten, did I get a full night sleep and so on. I realized by doing this that most of what my doctor gave me about migraine triggers were true just in different ways. So here are some of the triggers my doctor gave me to look out for and how it affected me.

    - I know for me I cannot drive at night due to the lights from the cars. Even as a passenger I have to wear sunglasses.

    -For women it can be part of our PMS.

    -Believe it or not if we get too much sleep it can trigger a migraine.

    -For a person with diagnosis of migraines it is crucial not to skip meals.I never thought in a million years that skipping lunch might cause one since I always skipped lunch and for most mornings if I ate breakfast it might be something as simple as toast. But after getting a migraine I wrote down that I had not eaten lunch.

    -With many people, like me, the weather affects my migraines. Some people have more pain when its high and others get migraines when there is a low.

    -In so many offices you will see signs asking for us to not wear perfumes because of allergies, well perfumes can trigger a migraine. I have asthma and with most perfumes will trigger an asthma attack. What worried me was after I would get my asthma under control I would always have a migraine. Nevertheless after I started the Migraine Journal I realized it wasn't my asthma attack that caused the migraine but the perfume since that week I had several asthma attacks but no migraines.

    -If you have migraines one thing you should watch out on is drinking alcohol. There are many wines, let a lone beer and mixed drinks that can trigger a migraine.

    -I have trouble being around people who smoke because the smoke causes me to have a migraine. Menthol ones cause me to get the migraine faster and more intense. I have always had trouble with being around people who smoke but even as a teen I started getting minor headaches from being around friends that smoked and it progressed until I started having migraines.

    -I have to be very careful when I work out because if I get too over heated from working out I will end up leaving the gym with a migraine.

    -One thing I found out when I was having a migraine was that is wasn't actually a migraine but that the muscles from the neck at the base of the head were causing the migraine. I found this out when I went to my doctors once and he realized how tense the muscles were at the base of my head so he did a manipulation, like cracking your knuckles but not in your fingers, in your neck.

    -When I have a day where there is way too much stress. When I'm trying to get assignments done on time, get a child to a doctor's appointment, worrying about the health of one of my kids and other types of stress cause me to have migraines.

    -One last thing that can trigger migraines is your diet. This trigger is such a large type of triggers I will tell you about the migraine diet in a later place.
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    I've been tracking my triggers for a long time. Some things clearly cause a worsening of my migraines, like weather changes and sleep disturbances. In other respects, it's hard for me to track clear triggers. I have a migraine every day. A good day might be a "5" on the pain scale. Lately I'm always at 8 or worse. Today seems to be heading straight for 10. It's hard to track specific triggers when you always have a migraine.

    I have been reading lately that migraines may be a form of extreme environmental sensitivity. In other words, it might not be the "trigger" itself that causes the migraine, but a change that is detected by your brain. So a migraine brain notices a change in weather pressure, or a change in the sleep pattern, or a change in food or caffeine, and a migraine is the result.
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