I'm 16 years old and i've been in constant full body chronic pain for almost two years

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    I'm kind of new to this whole sharing my emotions and hardships with other people thing so just bear with me. I was diagnosed with moderate-severe Ulcerative Colitis in 2015 and although the disease itself is in remission, I still experience lingering effects from the medications and body trauma. My pain started after my first colonoscopy, and was centered around my abdomen. One month and three failed medications later, I started getting a piercing pain in my lower back which, as you can probably guess, did not go away. Then, one month later, I was admitted to the hospital for two days for complications related to my abdominal pain. I was seen by a rhumatologist (not sure if I spelled that right) to see if it was anything arthritis related as I had also started to get pain in my hips and my knees. When I was discharged because the doctors essentially gave up and just decided to send me home, that's when the pain started to get absolutly horrible. For the next four plus months I was almost always confined to a wheelchair, couldn't write, couldn't focus, and could barely move. It was without a doubt the worst thing that I have ever had to endure in my entire life. Fast forward to 2017, I had exausted all of my original hospial's resources and was switched to another hospital which proved to be much more helpful and considerate. I'm currently on a pain treatment program which may include a three to six week pain rehab program in the near future if things do not improve. I'm absolutly at my wit's end with all of this and I would really appreciate some advice from some more experienced people on this site.

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