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  1. Karl
    Cervical spine laminectomy, lumbar surgery, Lots of pain
  2. rushaid
    my Knee replacement was the 17th surgery I have had since 1980. before that I had bone transplants, all the nerve blocks that didn't work.
  3. rushaid
    ive had chronic pain for over 25 years. I had a total knee replacement in April 2013
  4. DBJackson
  5. Hurtin 4 certain
    Hurtin 4 certain
    Would like to communicate with people with the same issues and how they deal with their pain.
  6. Hurtin 4 certain
    Hurtin 4 certain
    I have bilateral polyneuropathy, degenerative discs in my lumbar spine, chronic kidney disease stage 3, and very severe psoriasis.
  7. Damon L. Dycus
    Damon L. Dycus
    Degeneritive disc bulging arthritis sleeplessness feeling alone
  8. James Smith
    James Smith
    James Smith is a renowned health expert who writes blogs on various brain and spine neurosurgery and its effective treatment.
  9. Ken Smock
    Ken Smock
    Still trying to do something about my pain. Cannot find any doctors that care if you are in pain or not. Turning into a bad country.
  10. Laura Rasmussen
    Laura Rasmussen
    In Treatment With Dr. Daniel O'Connor
  11. Lawdog309
    In need of HELP!!
  12. laraine
    I had a fusion in January of this year . come to find out that I still have bone spurs at he same levels that the fusion was done at.
  13. laraine
    questions about fusions
  14. jim liebo
    jim liebo Jay c
    still have a lot of pain i can help
  15. Jay c
    Jay c
    If I had cancer my doctor, Family & friends would encourage me. But because my chronic pain illness is considered "weakness" I get insults.
  16. Kenna
    Today is a rough day been dealing with Fibromyalgia flare flu and now a horrible cold. When did I start falling apart?
  17. Robyn Shillito
    Robyn Shillito Brian Jackson
    Hi! I am new to this site, could u tell me how it works please? Thanks!
  18. Robyn Shillito
    Robyn Shillito
    Hi there!! New to this site!
  19. Lydia.d.
    Hello everyone I am from Louisville ky and I am also new on here is anyone else going through m.r.s.a? I had surgery December 2014.
  20. daviscolons
    Hello Everyone!!! I'll pray for your wellness.