Fibromyalgia causes widespread chronic pain, as well as cognitive issues and fatigue. This condition can make it difficult to complete basic everyday tasks. Sometimes just getting dressed and out the door is too much, taking up the limited amount of “spoons” you have available to you. If your days are increasingly painful because of the clothes you’re wearing, you may need to make changes to your wardrobe. A few simple alterations could make a big difference, though. Here’s what we recommend when it comes to fibromyalgia clothing choices.

Understanding fibromyalgia and clothing sensitivity

Fibromyalgia pain is typically present on both sides of the body, below and above the waistline, and along the vertebral column. In many cases, simply putting on clothes and wearing them all day is extremely painful for people with this condition. Many sufferers also suffer from touch sensitivity that makes any touch, no matter how gentle, a searing pain.

In addition, other common symptoms of fibromyalgia include heat or cold intolerance. The weather or even the thermostat can have an effect on the pain and stiffness that you may experience every day.

That means clothing for fibromyalgia sufferers must be easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and simple to remove. These are 15 fibromyalgia clothing choices that can help alleviate your pain. When in doubt, turn to your support groups or healthcare providers for more information.

1. Try ultra-soft fabrics

There are certain fabrics that are more comfortable than others. If you have fibromyalgia, you want to find clothes that won’t irritate your skin. These soft and breathable fabrics can help:

  • Bamboo
  • Modal
  • Jersey
  • Fleece
  • Flannel
  • Silk or satin
  • Organic cotton
  • Cashmere

2. Avoid denim

Jeans aren’t just tight and restrictive, they can also be itchy and rough to the touch. Most people with fibromyalgia avoid denim altogether.

Unless they’re marketed as soft and stretchy, jeans are usually too rigid to provide any sort of comfort. Leggings, sweatpants, and other types of loose fitting pants are a better option. With today’s jeggings or other super comfy fabrics, you do have options that still look like denim without the ouch.

3. Use soft layers to manage temperature changes

One symptom of fibromyalgia is increased sensitivity to temperature changes. You may find it hard to regulate these shifts and certain times of year with extreme weather can make it even more difficult.

Layering is the best way to make it through the day in a climate that changes often, especially throughout a single day. For instance, you may live in a coastal town that is foggy and cold in the morning, but sunny and warm in the afternoon. In this case, you should start with a light T-shirt or tank top and pair it with a soft sweater that is easily removable.

This method of dressing will allow you to be prepared for any weather changes as the day goes on.

4. Look into fibromyalgia friendly clothes brands

You don’t have to sacrifice style to find pain relief. There are comfortable clothes for fibromyalgia that will help you look your best, no matter where you’re headed. These are some of the best brands, according to other people with fibromyalgia.

  • Old Navy: From work clothes to casual loungewear, Old Navy offers a range of styles at affordable prices
  • Lululemon: This activewear brand is on the expensive side, but fans rave about the quality, comfort, and stretch of Lululemon leggings
  • Under Armour: If you’re looking for advanced athletic wear, Under Armour carries unique fabrics that can regulate temperature and provide breathability
  • The North Face: Because this brand is typically geared toward apparel for outdoor activities, they carry great clothes for soft warmth, such as fleece pullovers
  • Hanes: Everyday comfortable essentials, as well as undergarments, are easy to find at Hanes
  • LOFT: If you need dressy yet comfortable work clothes, LOFT carries “Signaturesoft” clothing under their Lou & Grey line
  • Target: For an expansive range of affordable clothing for any event, Target has a wide variety of comfortable clothing
  • Aerie: Whether you need undergarments, swimsuits, or loungewear, Aerie carries items that are typically around $15 to $35

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