When it comes to pain disorders, fibromyalgia is no joke. Affecting approximately five million people in the U.S., fibromyalgia’s trademark symptoms are pain and something referred to as fibro fog. Fibro fog is a feeling of complete and total exhaustion that makes even the simplest cognitive tasks – like remembering where you put your keys – nearly impossible. While this is a real cognitive impairment that can severely impact daily life, sometimes a little humor can go a long way towards helping. Here are 26 fibro fog memes that may help lighten the mood.

26 fibro fog memes that get it right (hilariously)

1. How to explain those times when even remembering your own name is rough.


2. The reason why abridged books are looking more and more attractive every day. That, or just a one-sentence summary. Or picture books. What were we discussing?


3. Internet cats fully understand that the hardest part of making plans with fibro fog may, in fact, be finding your keys.


4. That moment when you truly have no idea what day it is…


5. …what’s happening….


6…or even where you are.


7. No, really, what were you just in the middle of saying?


8. Fibro fog makes getting dressed in the morning much more complicated than simply matching your belt to your shoes.