FAQs About The #PainDoctorCares $5,000 Giveaway!

//FAQs About The #PainDoctorCares $5,000 Giveaway!

FAQs About The #PainDoctorCares $5,000 Giveaway!

The #PainDoctorCares Giveaway is our way to give back to the pain community, effectively bridging the activism of Pain Awareness Month in September with the giving spirit of the holidays.

In partnership with the Arizona Pain Foundation, PainDoctor.com is giving one pain patient $5,000 in 2016 to use towards their medical bills. We’ve had some questions come in since the contest started that we’ve answered here. If you have absolutely any more questions about the contest, feel free to contact us.

How can I sign up? 

Sign up on any page of the PainDoctor.com website, the official contest page, or by clicking the button below. You’ll only need your name and email address to sign up.

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Can I still enter? 

Yes! The contest runs for a few months, from September 26, 2015 through November 30, 2015.

Do I qualify for the #PainDoctorCares giveaway?

Our entry qualifications are fairly open. Contest entrants must be:

  • Legal residents of the 50 U.S. states or District of Columbia
  • 18 years old
  • Willing to provide copies of health information to PainDoctor.com if chosen as a winner (for authentication purposes only)

Please read all of our Official Contest Rules for more information about eligibility.

Also, if you already have an account on PainDoctor.com, you can simply log into your account and then click the “Enter Now” button under the #PainDoctorCares tab from your account page. If you need any help with this, please contact us.

When will the #PainDoctorCares winners be announced?

To align with the holidays and that season of giving, we decided that we would announce the winner on December 23, 2015.

How will the winner be chosen? 

The winner will be chosen at random.

If I win, where can I use the winnings?

The $5,000 winnings can be used for any qualified medical bills. Read the Official Contest Rules for more information.

Why did you start the contest? 

Helping people fight pain is our life passion. Along with the Arizona Pain Foundation, another organization with that same goal, we realized we could really make a difference for one patient in need.

As Dr. Paul Lynch explains in the video below:

“At Pain Doctor, we strongly believe that one of the most powerful tools that you have to fight pain is education. And so we had an idea this year that we really wanted to increase the amount of users we have on the website so that more patients in pain can educate themselves about their condition. We came up with this idea to have a contest.”


Dr. Tory McJunkin, co-founder of the Arizona Pain Foundation, goes on to note:

“The Arizona Pain Foundation is a foundation that gives a portion of profits back to people with chronic pain for medical issues around the world, and for missions around the world. And the Board members took a vote and they decided, yeah this sounds like a good cause. We could help somebody who is suffering, who’s really been through it, and who needs a boost in their life right now.”

Why should I enter?

We know the impact chronic pain can have on a person. It affects every aspect of life, from health to relationships to work. It also creates a financial burden that patients have to carry. While we can’t provide a gift like this to all patients in pain, we can help one person in need.

Dr. Tory McJunkin explains why this is important:

“As a physician, I get to interact with people in chronic pain almost every day and it’s inspiring. Sometimes, it’s hard to look and see through the fog. But, it’s really inspiring to see what people go through and the fact that they overcome.”

If you’re in pain, we want to help you overcome that pain. We do it every day through our blog posts, in the clinics where we work, and in the relationships that we create with our patients.


As Dr. Paul Lynch said:

“I’m excited to see the impact that this gift will have on someone’s life.”

We all are. We hope you’ll sign up for the #PainDoctorCares Giveaway for a chance to change your life.

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