Pain Relief Exercise TipsExercise is a beneficial practice for anybody, but for those with chronic pain, it is even more important.

Exercise allows you to strengthen muscles that can later support weak points of the body. It can help you release tension and stress. Additionally, with safe and progressive workout routines, you can regain some range of motion that you may have lost.

The exercise guidelines for chronic pain patients follow similar guidelines as those for people who don’t suffer from chronic pain.

However, chronic pain patients should also be sure to:

  • Focus on low-impact activities, such as swimming or yoga
  • Incorporate exercise throughout your day, especially when you start, as this can help you ramp up to a full workout
  • Add healthy core workouts that can help strengthen the muscles that reduce low back pain
  • Build a foundation of healthy habits early on that will help you maintain exercise in your life

For specific pain conditions, read about further guidelines in many of the posts we’ve written over the last month. These include exercise advice for those with back pain, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and tennis and golfer’s elbow.

Exercise is a life-long practice. 

Get started now so you can keep going with your exercise routine as you age. There are many benefits of exercise especially as we grow older. There are also many benefits of exercise for those who are pregnant as well as kids.

Finally, it’s vital that you integrate your nutrition and exercise goals. If you feel good, you are more likely to work out. If you work out, you’re more likely to cook up a healthier meal afterwards. Pre- and post-workout foods can help you feel your best. Also consider incorporating our pre-workout protein-rich herbed baked eggs recipe or the light and refreshing spicy mixed berry salsa into your cooking routine.

What are your exercise guidelines for chronic pain? 

Image by Vinoth Chandar via Flickr


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