Jonathan Carlson, MD

Jonathan Carlson, MD

Pain Doctor

Glendale Pain Management Doctor

Dr. Jonathan Carlson is a pain doctor who has taken his life experiences, mentors, and training and applied all of that knowledge to his treatment of his patients. While understanding that traditional pain management techniques are a valuable part of an overall treatment plan, Dr. Carlson also likes to think outside the box when evaluating and holistically managing challenging chronic pain conditions.

Dr. Jonathan Carlson: Education and experience

Dr. Carlson’s journey to becoming a pain doctor began at the University of Oklahoma. After completing his undergraduate degree, he completed his anesthesiology residency in pain management at the University of California – Davis before finally moving on to a pain management fellowship at Texas Tech University. Dr. Jonathan Carlson is a double board-certified anesthesiologist and pain management physician.

Much of Dr. Carlson’s work as a pain doctor has been informed by his mentor, Dr. Gabor Racz. Dr. Racz is the developer of what is known as the Racz procedure for epidural lysis of adhesions, a breakthrough procedure used to reduce pain and inflammation caused by scar tissue (adhesions). Dr. Carlson says that hope is one of the most profound treatments of chronic pain, and the other lessons that Dr. Jonathan Carlson learned from his mentor were equally powerful.

He notes:

“Dr. Racz’s passion to treat patients in pain and improve not just their pain level but also their quality of life made a lasting impact on me as a pain doctor and physician. [Dr. Racz taught me that] a multi-modal, comprehensive approach to treating chronic pain through minimally invasive procedures, medication, physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, diet, research, and behavioral therapy is usually the best solution in achieving pain relief.”

Dr. Jonathan Carlson is the vice president of the Arizona chapter of American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. His goal as a pain doctor is to work together with his patients to achieve lasting and profound relief of pain and improvement in their quality of life.

Dr. Jonathan Carlson’s work in the Glendale, Arizona community

Raised in California and Hawaii, Dr. Jonathan Carlson feels right at home in Gilbert, Arizona’s sunny, outdoor-oriented atmosphere. Dr. Carlson is an avid world traveler. Among other travels in South America, Europe, and Africa, Dr. Carlson spent two summers in Tibet and China on cultural exchanges, trekking more than 17,000 feet in the Himalayas to visit different monasteries. He enjoys learning about other cultures and brings this curiosity and openness to his work as a pain doctor.

In addition to his passion for world travel, Dr. Carlson is an avid surfer who plans to visit and surf the top surfing locations in the world. Dr. Carlson also enjoys other outdoor sports such as mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, and golfing. Quieter moments may find him enjoying Glendale’s fine dining establishments or reading classic literature.

Dr. Jonathan Carlson believes that giving to those less fortunate is of paramount importance in life, and his work in his local church community demonstrates that commitment. He has also served on medical mission trips overseas, most recently to Nagamangala, India.

Dr. Jonathan Carlson is a pain doctor who is passionate about living life to its fullest, and his devotion to helping his patients to do the same has helped him to become the compassionate, comprehensive doctor that he is today.

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