Nimish Davé, MD, MPH

Nimish Davé, MD, MPH, is the Harvard-trained, double board-certified pain management expert at Revolution Pain Management in Humble, Texas. Dr. Davé is deeply devoted to helping his patients take back their lives by providing targeted pain management therapies to those who suffer from life-altering pain. Dr. Davé, a native of [...]

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Gregory Elders, MD, FAAOS

Dr. Gregory Elders specializes in the treatment of all spinal conditions including herniated discs, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease. If you have back pain or neck pain, numbness in your fingers, arms or legs, Dr. Elders can help you to determine the best course of action to get back to [...]

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Mirza N. Baig, MD, PhD

Dr. Mirza N. Baig is a graduate from University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He received both a PhD in Molecular Genetics and Doctor of Medicine from Howard University in Washington D.C. He then completed his Residency with Department of Neurological Surgery at Ohio State University [...]

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Rahul Sarna, MD

Dr. Rahul Sarna grew up just outside of Dallas in Plano, TX. He earned his degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. Upon graduation, he began his career as a technical engineering consultant before pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a physician. He went [...]

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Zeeshan Malik, DO

Dr. Zeeshan Malik is an interventional pain physician practicing at Arizona Pain Specialists in Gilbert, AZ. Dr. Malik is board certified in anesthesiology and fellowship trained in interventional pain medicine. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Dr. Malik began his journey in medicine after moving to Arizona to obtain [...]

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John W. Wages, MD

Austin Pain Management Doctor John W. Wages Dr. John Wages grew up in Lawrenceville, Georgia, near Atlanta. He received his medical degree in 2002 at the Medical College of Georgia located in Augusta, Georgia. He went on to complete his residency in Anesthesiology at the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. [...]

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Ahdev Kuppusamy, MD

Chandler Pain Management Doctor Dr. Ahdev Kuppusamy is a pain doctor in Chandler, Arizona who is on a mission. From the beginning of his work in medicine, Dr. Kuppusamy has had as his main goal to cultivate and promote positive doctor-patient relationships. This positive relationship results in a more educated patient [...]

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Jonathan Carlson, MD

Glendale Pain Management Doctor Dr. Jonathan Carlson is a pain doctor who has taken his life experiences, mentors, and training and applied all of that knowledge to his treatment of his patients. While understanding that traditional pain management techniques are a valuable part of an overall treatment plan, Dr. Carlson [...]

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Nicholas Scott, MD

Scottsdale Pain Management Doctor Nicholas Scott Dr. Nicholas Scott is double board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and pain medicine. Even from a young age, Dr. Scott demonstrated the leadership and competence that he brings to his work as a pain doctor today. He earned his black belt in judo, [...]

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Tory McJunkin, MD

Scottsdale Pain Management Doctor Dr. Tory McJunkin is a double board-certified pain doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona. His focus throughout his career has been to work with his patients to find treatment options that other pain doctors may not have considered. He is also a sought-after presenter and researcher; Dr. McJunkin’s [...]

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