Chronic pain blogs are one of our favorite ways to connect with other people who really get what it means to be in pain. Here are our 25 favorite pain blogs, with a few reasons why we love them!

Our 25 favorite chronic pain blogs

1. Hypothyroid Mom

Hypothyroid Mom’s mission is to bring awareness and attention to this mysterious condition that takes formerly healthy people and floors them with a wide assortment of symptoms. When improperly diagnosed, hypothyroidism can lead to serious complications that can be life-threatening. Dana wants to help others who suffer find the help they need.

2. The Sticky Apron

The Sticky Apron is a blog brought to you by a mom who has multiple pain conditions – hypothyroidism, endometriosis, and fibromyalgia. Cher emphasizes putting on your own oxygen mask first (caring for yourself) so that you can care for others.

3. Chronic Mom

Shelley of Chronic Mom also suffers from multiple chronic pain conditions. Her chronic pain blog focuses on the positive aspects of parenting in pain. She believes that kids who grow up with a parent in pain become more compassionate and kind. Her advice is straightforward and reflects her commitment to her family.

4. Just Mildly Medicated

The author of this pain blog is an Army wife with four kids and the condition dysautonomia. This condition affects the central nervous system and comes with a host of medications with side effects almost as bad as the condition itself. This doesn’t stop the author from being a strong advocate for herself and others with her condition.

5. Mom’s Small Victories

This pain blog is packed full of practical advice for managing a chronic condition in a house packed with small children. Tanya focuses on gratitude for the little victories that add up to a happy life.


Remicade Infusion days for my Rheumatoid Arthritis are normally tough, emotionally and physically. My coping mechanism today is spending some quality time with my blog planner, jotting down ideas and layouts for how I can help patients liks me cope with this beast of a disease. I know I am one of the lucky ones because my RA is well controlled by these strong meds coursing through my veins. I know I am one of the lucky ones with an amazingly incredible support system of family, friends and blog readers. I know there are also many RA and chronic illness patients who are not like me. They need better treatment options, they need a support system, they need to live with less pain or dare we dream of no pain at all. It is these patients that I am thinking of now as I write plans for my blog. So tell me what you would like to see? What would help you cope with RA, autoimmune or chronic illness? What part of my RA story would you like to hear? How can I help you keep a positive mindset during your journey with chronic illness? Rest well, RA friends, may your days be filled with less pain and more small victories. #momssmallvictories #rheumatoidarthritis #rheum #plumplanner #chronicillness #chronicpain #curearthritis #ncblogger #planneraddict

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6. Chronically Whole

Stacy of Chronically Whole is living with common variable immune deficiency (CVID), Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and three active kids. Her chronic pain blog is reflective and offers gentle encouragement, even on her most painful days.

7. Excuse Me: I Didn’t Sign Up For This

This pain blog is one of the few written by an older (grand)mother suffering from multiple chronic illnesses. Shari lives with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Hashimoto’s, and dysautonomia and writes about the challenges of staying active with grandbabies.

8. Spoons. One Woman’s Sardonic Look At Home, Family, And Living With Lupus

Yes, we do appreciate the salty language and straightforward approach of Erin Clough, the author behind this pain blog. She may not blog as often as some of our other favorite chronic pain blogs, but what she writes is spot-on.

9. Slightly Distressed Damsel

Erica Siegel is the blogger behind Slightly Distressed Damsel. She suffers from Ehlers Danlos syndrome, chronic myofascial pain syndrome, and mast cell activation disorder, three conditions that are bad enough on their own. In combination, we aren’t sure how she still maintains being only “slightly” distressed! Erica offers great advice, encouragement, and resources on her blog.

10. The Malleable Mom

This mom not only lives with chronic pain herself but is also parenting kids in chronic pain. This double whammy doesn’t stop this pain blog from maintaining a sense of humor and practicality that we love. Pro tip: skip to the end of each blog for her quick tips if time is short.

11. No One Gets Flowers For Chronic Pain

JessMar writes anonymously about her struggles as a mother living in chronic pain. Many parents in pain struggle with their feelings about their pain as it relates to their family. JessMar treats this chronic pain blog as a private, reflective place to help her process these internal conflicts to be a better person and parent.

12. The Unbroken Smile

We love the fighting spirit and will of The Unbroken Smile. In Elizabeth’s own words:

“Living in chronic pain has brought many obstacles to my family as well as taught me many things along the way. When faced with this life change two choices presented itself, either lay down and let it win or fight like hell to at least be the mom and wife I desperately wanted to be.”

13. Dr. Christiane Wolf

Dr. Wolf doesn’t suffer from chronic pain herself, but the information she provides in her blog is invaluable for those who do. She is an expert in mindfulness meditation and believes that this practice can help heal illness in the body.

14. ChronicBabe

Jenni Prokopy is the author behind ChronicBabe. She uses her story of multiple chronic illnesses to offer support and encouragement to others who are suffering. In her chronic pain blog, she talks candidly about her treatment plan, which includes not only traditional treatments but also complementary therapies.

15. Seeking Equilibrium

The sense of humor and raw honesty in this blog can be difficult to read at times, but Rosemary Lee approaches her struggles with depression and fibromyalgia in a way that many pain blogs might not: head-on.

16. Cranky Fibro Girl

We love chronic pain blogs that just come out and tell it like it is. Jenny Ryan uses humor and sarcasm to make light of the most difficult parts of chronic pain. She offers candid advice to family and friends:

“Please believe us w