Chronic pain blogs are one of our favorite ways to connect with other people who really get what it means to be in pain. Here are our 25 favorite pain blogs, with a few reasons why we love them!

Our 25 favorite chronic pain blogs

1. Hypothyroid Mom

Hypothyroid Mom’s mission is to bring awareness and attention to this mysterious condition that takes formerly healthy people and floors them with a wide assortment of symptoms. When improperly diagnosed, hypothyroidism can lead to serious complications that can be life-threatening. Dana wants to help others who suffer find the help they need.

2. The Sticky Apron

The Sticky Apron is a blog brought to you by a mom who has multiple pain conditions – hypothyroidism, endometriosis, and fibromyalgia. Cher emphasizes putting on your own oxygen mask first (caring for yourself) so that you can care for others.

3. Chronic Mom

Shelley of Chronic Mom also suffers from multiple chronic pain conditions. Her chronic pain blog focuses on the positive aspects of parenting in pain. She believes that kids who grow up with a parent in pain become more compassionate and kind. Her advice is straightforward and reflects her commitment to her family.

4. Just Mildly Medicated

The author of this pain blog is an Army wife with four kids and the condition dysautonomia. This condition affects the central nervous system and comes with a host of medications with side effects almost as bad as the condition itself. This doesn’t stop the author from being a strong advocate for herself and others with her condition.

5. Mom’s Small Victories

This pain blog is packed full of practical advice for managing a chronic condition in a house packed with small children. Tanya focuses on gratitude for the little victories that add up to a happy life.