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Glendale Chiropractor

Dr. Lonnie Finney is a chiropractor in the Glendale, Arizona offices of Arizona Pain Specialists. He focuses his work on the multi-modal, integrated, multi-dimensional diagnosis and treatment of pain, bringing extensive experience and a wide knowledge base to his patients and his practice.

Dr. Lonnie Finney: Education and experience

Dr. Finney began his education at Logan University with a bachelor’s degree in human biology before moving on to Logan College of Chiropractic, where he earned his doctorate in chiropractic. In both his training and his practice, Dr. Finney chooses to look at the whole of chiropractic medicine to expand his ability to offer integrated care. His techniques for pain relief and treatment include Cox flexion-distraction, activator, diversified, and Thompson spinal manipulation techniques.

Dr. Lonnie Finney is well-versed in active release technique (ART), a soft-tissue movement based technique that is effective for all types of soft tissue injuries. This includes repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and injuries to the rotator cuff, as well as sprains and strains in the neck and low back, shin splints, and many foot conditions.

In addition to training as a chiropractor who uses active release technique, Dr. Finney is extensively trained and experienced in the use of non-surgical, computerized spinal decompression therapy. This innovative therapy creates more space in the spine, effectively treating and relieving the pain caused by herniations, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and facet osteoarthritis.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Lonnie Finney uses additional techniques in concert with active release therapy and spinal decompression therapy. Cold laser, ultra-sound, and electrical stimulation are three additional therapeutic techniques for pain relief, but Dr. Finney is also pioneering the use of Kinesio Tape™. Kinesio Tape™ is a rehabilitative, non-invasive taping technique that provides support and stability for muscles and joints without interfering with the body’s natural range of motion. This technique promotes healing while allowing the patient to remain active and unrestricted by braces or concerned with side effects from medications or more invasive treatments. It also allows a patient to reap the benefits of manual therapy by extending the soft tissue manipulations provided by the tape itself.

Dr. Finney’s willingness to utilize multiple innovative techniques to help his patients is the hallmark of this chiropractor’s integrated approach to pain management. He recognizes that each patient is an individual, and each patient’s pain is specific to them. By offering a variety of pain management techniques and viewing treatment in a holistic way, Dr. Finney is able to offer a more comprehensive and effective approach to chiropractic pain management.

Dr. Lonnie Finney’s work in the Glendale, Arizona community

Dr. Lonnie Finney enjoys living and working in the Glendale, Arizona community and takes full advantage of all the area has to offer. In his free time, Dr. Finney lifts weights, bicycles, and spends time with his wife and two children.

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