Learn How to Conquer Pain

By Ted Swing, Ph.D. Chronic pain can affect people’s lives in many ways. They may stop doing the activities they used to love, spend less time with their friends and family, and experience negative feelings. Unfortunately, these changes can become self-defeating as the lack of activity may make the pain [...]

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Self Esteem – Chronic Pain

You are not the illness! By Patti Koblewski, M.S., and Larry Lynch, M.S.S.W., L.C.S.W. Chronic pain touches every aspect of your life which makes it critical to surround ourselves with others who are supportive and understanding of our pain. Healthy self-esteem enables us to accept, respect, trust and believe in [...]

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AmnioGenic FLOW Therapy

The Study of AmnioGenic FLOW Therapy in the management of localized pain and related symptoms. An Arizona Pain Specialists Study By Ted Swing, Ph.D. One of the most important trends in medical treatments for pain is the development of regenerative treatments. The human body can heal many wounds over time, [...]

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Studies Explained

An In-depth Look at Our Research Studies Peer behind the curtain of clinical research. By Ted Swing, Ph.D. At Pain Doctor, we are committed to advancing pain medicine by taking part in research, particularly clinical trials. This is important to advancements in medical care, yet most patients are unfamiliar with [...]

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Clinical Research Importance

Why Clinical Research is Important Clinical Research is one of the most important elements of By Ryan Tapscott, Research Department While there may always be debate nationally about whether healthcare should exist as a universal or private entity, we agree healthcare is a necessity. humanity depends upon, wants, and [...]

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Clinical Trial Facts

An Inside Look at the Clinical Trial Research Process By Ted Swing, PhD At, we are committed to leading the way in pain medicine through clinical trials. In the past, I’ve described our ongoing clinical trials to you, including the Mesoblast stem cell study for low back pain, the [...]

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Medicine, Pills – Pfizer Research

By Ted Swing Millions of Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, break down of cartilage of various joints due to aging and wear and tear, or rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation of joints and surrounding tissues caused by the body’s immune system. Many of these people require daily treatment with medications for their arthritis [...]

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Disc Repair, Acute Shoulder Pain

Disc Repair, Acute Shoulder Pain Studies Mesoblast’s disc repair study and IL Pharma’s acute shoulder pain study are known as randomized controlled studies, meaning a medication or other medical treatment (such as a new medical device) is compared to the efficacy of a placebo (fake treatment), other medications or devices, [...]

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