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Red Light Therapy For Pain – Does It Work?

It seems far-fetched to think that simply shining a red light on your body can finally heal chronic pain. The idea that something this simple could be the answer after years of struggle sounds too good to be true. Yet anecdotal and scientifically-valid evidence of the benefits of red light [...]

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18 Chronic Pain Video Channels On YouTube

One of the worst things about chronic pain – besides the daily slog of the pain itself – is the isolation. If you don’t live with another family member or have a friend who is also in pain, chances are good that it feels like no one understand what you [...]

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Figure 1 — What The Future Of Medicine Looks Like

Traditionally, patients who suffer from mysterious disorders or illnesses work with a primary care doctor and a small team of specialists, maybe just a handful of doctors who consult on occasion. While this approach may work for straightforward conditions, what if the condition is so mysterious that a primary care [...]

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11 Meditation For Chronic Pain Programs

Meditation for chronic pain has been steadily gaining support in the research. No longer just the practice of a few isolated, New-Age yogis, meditation has spread across the U.S., and with good results. Recent research has shown that even just three 20-minute meditation sessions can help decrease the perception of [...]

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IBS Diet Tips — Eat This, Not That

Inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS) occurs when some or all of the intestinal tract becomes inflamed. Ulcerative colitis affects the large intestine, but Crohn’s disease can cause inflammation at any part of the intestine. Although IBS symptoms can make life miserable, there is hope to be found through creating an IBS [...]

What Pain Patients Can Do When They Just Want To Give Up

Chronic pain patients are some of the strongest, most resilient people we know. Every day they face challenges that would be daunting for others. Simple things like getting dressed in the morning are just the tip of the iceberg. Chronic pain patients are loving parents, supportive partners, and productive workers [...]

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How To Find A Chiropractor Near Me

Chiropractic care can be an essential part of a pain management plan. Working with your pain specialist, chiropractors can help realign your spine to support a strong, healthy body. One of the most difficult parts of receiving chiropractic care is locating a qualified chiropractor near you. This can be daunting. [...]

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7 New Hip Pain Devices and Technology

Hip pain, both chronic and acute, is one of the most common types of pain. The hip joint is responsible for many different actions in the body, including walking, bending, twisting, and simply standing up. As we age, this resilient joint may begin to deteriorate with use. We may also [...]

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What Is Adhesiolysis?

Adhesiolysis, also called lysis of adhesions, is a treatment used to break up and eliminate scar tissue along the spine. If left untreated, this scar tissue can cause pain and inflammation. This treatment is considered minimally-invasive and can be used to help treat chronic pain and inflammation that is a [...]

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Considering Botox Injections For Migraines?

Botox injections for migraines have been proven to reduce the intensity and duration of migraines for those who suffer. Botox was developed in the 1970s by an ophthalmologist who was looking to develop a treatment for strabismus (crossed eyes). This simple migraine treatment was discovered accidentally when people undergoing plastic [...]

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