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Recipe: Ginger Peanut Sauce (For Stir-Fry, Pasta, or Dip!)

This recipe for peanut sauce is actually a pain reliever in disguise – and a tasty one at that! It is made with spicy ginger and pungent turmeric; two ingredients that possess natural anti-inflammatory properties. A dose of fresh ginger can offer relief from arthritis, headaches, and joint and muscle […]

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What Is A Spoonie?

In 2010, Christine Miserandino was a college student living with lupus. She and her best friend were sitting in a diner, chatting about life in general. When Christine pulled out medicine to take with her food, her friend asked what it was like to have lupus. Christine was shocked. She […]

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12 Of The Most Damaging Myths About Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined as pain that persists for three months or longer that is resistant to treatment. Along with the pain, the other thing that persists are common myths about chronic pain. These myths make patients reluctant to discuss their pain or seek treatment and keep chronic pain an […]

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Recipe: Homemade Take On Green Fried Rice Takeout

It can be tempting to reach for the nearest takeout menu, when hunger hits hard. Making your go-to restaurant dishes at home, though, can be just as simple as picking up the phone! This version of fried rice comes together in a matter of minutes, and is a healthier alternative […]

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10 Ways To Get Involved During National Pain Awareness Month

September is National Pain Awareness Month. Chronic pain is considered an “invisible illness”; those who have it may exhibit no signs of illness or disability. Because their pain is not readily apparent, chronic pain patients may face discrimination or get snide comments or looks. National Pain Awareness Month seeks to […]

Innovative Treatment for Phantom Limb Pain

Did you know that the majority of people who have had a limb amputated still report feeling some sensation in the removed limb, such as itching or tingling? As many as 80% of amputees experience a type of this phantom limb pain. This can manifest as almost any sort of […]

Robotic Rehab For Stroke Patients

Every four seconds, someone in the United States suffers a stroke. Annually, more than 795,000 people in the United States have strokes. Strokes can be fatal, but if an individual survives a stroke, he or she might still be permanently disabled.

A stroke is the loss of blood flow to an […]

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Bloggers We Love: Slightly Distressed Damsel

What do Ehlers Danlos syndrome, chronic myofascial pain syndrome, and mast cell activation disorder all have in common? Besides being a compendium of chronically painful conditions, their other most common denominator is Erica Siegel, a blogger we love. She is the author of the blog Slightly Distressed Damsel, and her […]

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Could Exercise Change Your Life?

Could exercise change your life?

In one simple, precise, and perfectly accurate answer: yes.

Exercise is the easiest way to change your health trajectory today. It needn’t cost hundreds (or even dozens) of dollars to get and stay fit. You don’t need a special trainer or a complicated fitness routine. Evidence is […]

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Recipe: Greens With Coffee Vinaigrette

Did you know that making your own salad dressing at home could be as easy as mixing olive oil with leftover coffee? This recipe utilizes one tablespoon of brewed java in combination with spices like cinnamon and cumin for a peppy dressing alternative. You can use it to pour over […]

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