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Can Smoking Actually Cause More Pain?

Being healthy with less pain is something we all want, but we all have habits that are not the best for our bodies. Be it a favorite sugary drink, junk food, alcohol, or tobacco, we would all probably feel a little better if we cut down more on these items. [...]

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Candied Brussels Sprouts Recipe

There is no need to go trick-or-treating when you can make this candied Brussels sprouts recipe for yourself! This side dish turns the cruciferous vegetable into a decadent and sweet treat laced with coconut oil, maple syrup… and bacon if you so choose. With less than five ingredients and minimal [...]

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How Adult Coloring Books Can Help Pain Patients

Coloring used to be an activity reserved for small children in elementary grades, but these days adult coloring books are topping bestseller lists and flying off the shelves. Turns out, coloring and adult coloring books may have therapeutic benefits for many different conditions, including anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. The [...]

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What Is A Spoonie, And How Can The Concept Help You?

Have you heard someone with a chronic illness mention the word "spoonie"? This actually refers to an incredibly important metaphor that allows chronic patients to describe their illness and the challenges they face to another person. It can refer to any individual who suffer from a chronic illness. The term [...]

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