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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Treatment – DRG Stimulation

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a malfunction of the nervous system that generally occurs after an injury or other trauma to the body. The nervous system overreacts to the injury and causes extreme pain that is out of proportion to the injury or trauma. Designing a treatment plan for [...]

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Sweet Potato And Chickpea Stew Recipe

If you suffer from migraines, you might want to consider following a “pain safe” diet, or a diet composed mainly of foods that virtually never contribute to painful conditions, including headaches. In this case, orange vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes are considered safe foods. They also happen to [...]

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What Is DRG Stimulation?

Neurostimulation has been a go-to treatment for chronic back pain management for many years. Spinal cord stimulation in particular is often a recommended treatment option for refractory or intractable back pain that has not responded to other treatments. With spinal cord stimulation, a small electrical pulse is sent to the [...]

120+ Tips And Tricks For Living With Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a pain condition that is typified by widespread chronic pain along common tender points along the body. Symptoms of this condition include pain, fatigue, and cognitive difficulties. As we've covered extensively on the Inside Pain blog this month, fibro is an often misunderstood condition, that averages five years [...]

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How Domestic Violence Causes Real Pain And Mental Stress

Domestic violence is a serious issue that goes far beyond one person physically abusing another. When an abused person is finally able to escape their abuser, the scars of that trauma are much more than skin-deep. The stress and pain of domestic violence have far-reaching mental and emotional consequences that [...]

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5 Lupus Diet Tips — Eat This, Not That

Changing your diet to accommodate a health condition is not a new practice. Low-sodium diets for high blood pressure and low-fat diets for cardiovascular disease are the standard of nutritional care. But what happens when your health condition is a mysterious combination of symptoms with no traceable cause and no [...]

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Lupus Treatment – 4 Exciting Research Breakthroughs

Lupus is a mysterious condition that affects at least 1.5 million people in the U.S. The mystery lies in the function of the autoimmune system when it identifies healthy tissue in the body as an intruder and begins to attack. These attacks can cause debilitating pain, inflammation, skin lesions, kidney [...]

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What Does A Lupus Rash Look Like?

Lupus is a complex and mysterious condition that is diagnosed in approximately 16,000 people in the U.S. every year. This autoimmune disorder causes a normally protective immune system to turn on itself, creating autoantibodies that begin to attack healthy tissues. The result of this attack is inflammation in the body, [...]

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15 Lupus Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that affects an estimated 1.5 million people in the U.S. Women are more likely to be diagnosed than men, and African American and Hispanic women have an even higher likelihood of diagnosis. That this condition is only understood by 33% of the U.S. is one [...]

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Baked Creamed Corn Recipe With Greens

Creamed corn is exactly that: a mixture of sweet corn and heavy cream that has typically been enhanced with bacon fat, butter and sugar, or some combination thereof. While this soul food staple is delicious, it is also laden with fat. You can still achieve a similar flavor though by [...]

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