To Stretch or Not to Stretch?

This warm-up activity could be doing you more harm than good. By Marie Look Stretching has become a controversial topic in the fitness community due to increasing evidence that it is, at best, a waste of time, and at worst, an activity that can decrease muscle strength, lead to injury [...]

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Difference Makers – April 2012

Arizona Pain Specialists & Boost Medical CEO Joe Carlon has been recently elected to the Men’s Council of the fresh start Women’s foundation. Fresh start’s mission is to “empower women to transform their lives through engagement and education.” Fresh start Women’s foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping empower [...]

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Stem Cell Treatments

The Science and Practice of Stem Cells By Ted Swing, Ph.D. One of the emerging areas in medicine, including pain management, is the use of therapies involving stem cells. Though there has been some controversy over the use of stem cells derived from human embryos, research has identified other methods [...]

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Learn How to Conquer Pain

By Ted Swing, Ph.D. Chronic pain can affect people’s lives in many ways. They may stop doing the activities they used to love, spend less time with their friends and family, and experience negative feelings. Unfortunately, these changes can become self-defeating as the lack of activity may make the pain [...]

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Self Esteem – Chronic Pain

You are not the illness! By Patti Koblewski, M.S., and Larry Lynch, M.S.S.W., L.C.S.W. Chronic pain touches every aspect of your life which makes it critical to surround ourselves with others who are supportive and understanding of our pain. Healthy self-esteem enables us to accept, respect, trust and believe in [...]

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Tender Tendons

Treating Your Tendons A new treatment is available for tendon injury. By Dr. Ted Swing Trauma, repetitive motion and overuse of various joints can result in injuries to the tendons — tissues that connect muscles and bones in the joints. These injuries are known by a variety of names, for [...]

Prestigious Stem Cell Study

Peek Inside Arizona Pain's New Stem Cell Study Therapy for Back Pain Tested. At Pain Doctor, we are committed to bringing you cutting edge research. One of our partners, Arizona Pain Specialists (APS) has been selected as one of four pain practices nationally to be part of an FDA-approved regenerative [...]

Eating Through Pain

Can food help you fight pain? It sure can. By Kevin Whipps Some people discount pain as one of those things that we just have to live with. Just pop a few ibuprofen pills and forget it, right? But what about when things get more serious? Or what if you [...]

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