Boston – A Marathon Begins.

Although I was born in Montréal, I consider Boston to be my hometown. Our family moved there when I was just over a year old, and when you spend your formative years in a city that’s so distinctive, it’s hard not to find your identity inside.

There was this girl that I met when I was very young. We shared the same birthday. Our parents both had similar back-stories, and the same anniversary. There’s an incredibly embarrassing photo of us in the bathtub together when we were about my son’s age. I became linked forever with this girl, and we still talk every so often online.

Today, she lives overseas, working at a job that I greatly envy. We’ve both had our first children, each boys. We still talk about Boston and the Red Sox.

On Facebook yesterday morning, she spoke about how proud she was that her father — a man in his late 60s, as is my father — was going to run the Boston Marathon. She was ecstatic.

When I got the news yesterday about the bombing, I instantly thought of her and her father. Was he alright? Does she even know about what happened?

The good news is that her father is OK. He wasn’t far from the bombing — about 1/2 mile away when he was stopped in his tracks and told what happened. He’s safe. But there are others that aren’t and never will be again.

I live in Scottsdale, but Boston is my home. I don’t have any blood relatives in Massachusetts, but dozens of close friends and people we’ve given monikers like “aunt” and “cousin.” No genetic markers in common, but we all have the same New England blood running through our hearts. Today, as I sit here 2,680 miles away from the city, I find myself consumed with worry. Will they be OK? Are they scared? Why can’t I do anything to help them?

Sometimes I wish that I could just go back to being that innocent little boy in the bathtub, more concerned with being embarrassed by my mother than scared of what could happen tomorrow.

From myself and everyone here at Arizona Pain Specialists, we wish all of the victims and citizens of Boston the best, and we hope that this all ends soon.


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