This year more than ever, we’re all looking for thoughtful, soothing gifts for the holiday season. Shopping for gifts for people in pain? It’s even more important to choose thoughtfully. Here are the best gift ideas for chronic pain sufferers in 2020.

Excellent stocking stuffers for pain patients

In 2020, gifts for people in pain should be both fun and functional. Starting with stocking stuffers, here are some of the best small gifts for people in pain.

Fun and soothing gift ideas

From humor to distraction to making something new, here are six more fun and soothing gifts for chronic pain sufferers.

  • Books: For those painful flare-up days, gifts for people in pain offer entertainment and ease. Try Samantha Irby, one of our favorite, hilarious authors who also suffers from a chronic condition.
  • Audio books: Audio books are great for road trips over the river and through the woods, and can be especially great for those with limited mobility in their hands.
  • Paint-by-numbers kit: Light that creative spark with this soothing plant paint-by-numbers kit.
  • Puzzles: Puzzles are great gifts for people in pain. They require little movement, challenge the mind, and can take a long time to put together!
  • Craft kits: Craft kits are a great, low-energy way to bring a little fun into someone’s day.
  • Essential oil diffuser: Gifts for people in pain that provide aromatherapy and maintain a comfortable humidity level? We’re in!

Unique gifts

Shopping for something to bring a little light into a loved one’s home? Try these four unique gift ideas.

  • Handcrafted home décor: These beautiful shelves are a great gift for someone looking to swap out their style.
  • Handmade keepsake boxes: Handmade, one-of-a-kind keepsake boxes are great to hold personal treasured or a cherished collection.
  • Mini succulents: These tiny cacti come in a handmade planter and add whimsy to any windowsill.
  • Home accents: Tia Mowry’s collection with Etsy focuses on lovely home accents and serving plates, platters, and bowls.

Clothes for people in pain

If you have bad experiences receiving (or giving) socks and underwear for the holidays, these six gifts might just change your mind.

Virtual experiences

Chronic pain might make leaving the house impossible, but that doesn’t mean you cannot still do fun things. Give these five virtual experiences as gifts for people in pain.

Electronic gifts or subscriptions

These three gift ideas are great for friends and family who cannot leave the house often. Extend the holiday joy with these ideas.

  • Book subscriptions: Know a voracious reader? Try a book subscription from Book Riot! Send three hardcovers or a list of personalized book recommendations once every three months.
  • ____-of-the-month clubs: The tailored gift that keeps on giving, year-round!
  • Ritual box: Therabox offers a monthly ritual for meditative relaxation and deep reflection.

Workplace (or home office) upgrades for pain

Workplace or home office upgrades make great gifts for chronic pain, especially with so many remote workers.

Luxury gifts for people in pain

If it’s in your budget for 2020, gifts for people in pain can be luxurious and indulgent. Here are our favorite options.

  • Indulgent gifts from Tan France: Luxury bathrobes, beautiful writing accessories, and spacious toiletry bags are just a few of the luxury items in the Tan France Etsy collection.
  • Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate is a delicious treat that comes with pain-fighting antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Pick the darkest, finest chocolate you can find, especially from local providers.
  • Home therapy products: These products make great gifts for back pain and include inversion tables and personal massagers.
  • Weighted blanket: Weighted blankets can soothe anxiety and provide restful sleep. The best ones come in luxurious, natural fabrics and are available in a variety of weights.
  • Bed wedge pillow: Some chronic pain patients find that the wedge shape helps them achieve a better night’s sleep.
  • Massaging heating pad: A massaging heating pad provides loosening warmth and relaxing pressure.
  • Massage chair: Go one better and spring for a massage chair with variable speed, pressure, and speed settings.
  • Mattress pad: A good night’s sleep is a luxury for some people in pain. A proper mattress pad is one of the best gifts for back pain, too!
  • Spa day gift basket: A gift basket, with Epsom bath salts, aromatherapy candle, loofah, luxurious lotion, herbal teas, memory foam slippers, a robe, and a good book make an excellent gift for people in pain.
  • Massage: Massage, whether a one-time gift or a series from your local spa, is a relaxing, indulgent gift for people in pain.
  • Near infrared therapy light: This light penetrates into aching joints to ease chronic pain.

DIY gifts for people in pain

Want to shower your loved ones with gifts but finding yourself a little short on cash? Try these seven DIY gifts that are worth their weight in gold!

  • A clean house: Design a coupon book for one housecleaning a month and either DIY or hire a company if that’s in your budget.
  • In home spa days: Draw a bath, provide a massage, and teach yourself how to give a professional manicure and pedicure.
  • Paraffin wax bath: Create your own paraffin wax bath as a part of your DIY mani/pedi and leave it with your loved one for a soothing wax bath any time.
  • Dinner gift basket (with recipe card): For foodie friends who struggle to shop, design a menu, shop for ingredients, then provide a recipe card. This gift is also great for the newbie cook who is intimidated to start.
  • Dessert gift basket (with a recipe card): What’s dinner without dessert? Sugar is inflammatory but can be okay when it is taken in small amounts in dark chocolate and fruit. Shop for ingredients and include any special pans or tools they might need in the basket (try this flourless chocolate cake!).
  • A helping hand: Offer to help with snow removal, a load or two of laundry, or childcare. This free gift provides a welcome respite for people in pain.
  • Help with gift wrapping: You gotten all of your gifts for people in pain, but what if they need help wrapping the gifts they’ve purchased? Spend an afternoon helping to wrap and label.

More gifts for people in pain

In 2020, gifts for people in pain can cover a lot of ground! Here are 16 more ideas to brighten the holiday season.

  • Flowers: Never underestimate the cheering effect of flowers for people in pain.
  • Grocery store gift basket: Ran out of time this holiday season? Stop off at your local grocery store and build a themed gift basket. Consider a baking basket, a fruit-and-cheese basket, or a coffee/tea lover’s basket. Tuck a grocery store gift card in for an extra treat.
  • Chronic illness health tracker: A health tracker is a great way to track symptoms and look for triggers.
  • Restaurant gift card: Treat someone you love to dinner on you, no matter where you live!
  • Movie gift cards: Movie gift cards are now being used to watch first-run movies from the comfort of your own home!
  • Microwavable stuffed animal: This is an especially good gift for young people in pain. Choose their favorite microwave-safe heat therapy animal.
  • Adaptive equipment: This equipment include supportive grips for golf and other sporting gear to keep your golfer or sports enthusiast in the game!
  • Gardening tools: Along those same lines, adaptive tools and seating options for gardeners make tending plants easy, enjoyable, and pain-free.
  • Meditation app subscription: There are plenty of meditation apps, and a subscription allows your loved one to track their progress. Headspace is a great one to start with.
  • TENS unit: A TENS unit disrupts pain signals in the body and can be purchased over the counter in drugstores for as little as $40.
  • Back brace: Try one of five of the best back braces as a good all-around gift for people in pain.
  • Body pillow: A body pillow offers full-body support and can relieve pressure in aching knees and hips.
  • Acupressure mat: An acupressure mat uses your own weight to target specific, pain-relieving points on the body.
  • Foam roller: Foam rollers use your body weight to massage tight, tense muscles and to loosen knotted connective tissues.
  • Indoor garden kit: Plant lovers with limited time and mobility will love and indoor plant kit with herbs, flowers, or houseplants.

70 more chronic pain gift ideas

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