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What Causes A Brain Freeze?

Now that summer's heating up, we're all prone to one of the shortest-lived pain conditions: a brain freeze. If you’ve gotten a headache while eating something cold too fast and imagined ice crystals forming on your brain, well you're not exactly right. That’s not what causes a brain freeze. Here's [...]

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Tender Tendons

Treating Your Tendons A new treatment is available for tendon injury. By Dr. Ted Swing Trauma, repetitive motion and overuse of various joints can result in injuries to the tendons — tissues that connect muscles and bones in the joints. These injuries are known by a variety of names, for [...]

Eating Through Pain

Can food help you fight pain? It sure can. By Kevin Whipps Some people discount pain as one of those things that we just have to live with. Just pop a few ibuprofen pills and forget it, right? But what about when things get more serious? Or what if you [...]

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Motor Vehicle Injuries

Officials at the World health organization predict motor vehicle injuries will increase by 65 percent during the next 20 years. Currently, some 1.2 million people are killed in motor vehicle accidents annually. There are another 50 million people who are injured yet survive. Motor vehicle injuries are quickly becoming one [...]

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Studies Explained

An In-depth Look at Our Research Studies Peer behind the curtain of clinical research. By Ted Swing, Ph.D. At Pain Doctor, we are committed to advancing pain medicine by taking part in research, particularly clinical trials. This is important to advancements in medical care, yet most patients are unfamiliar with [...]

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Clinical Research Importance

Why Clinical Research is Important Clinical Research is one of the most important elements of By Ryan Tapscott, Research Department While there may always be debate nationally about whether healthcare should exist as a universal or private entity, we agree healthcare is a necessity. humanity depends upon, wants, and [...]

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