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Summer Pain

Staying Safe This Summer My van needs a wash. Bad. But the other day, it was hot. So hot that I didn't want to do anything, much less spend two hours scrubbing down a car. Fortunately, I had options. During the summer months it gets pretty hot here in Arizona, [...]

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The Pain Doctor

Pain As Day I never knew that the world of pain was as far reaching as it really is until I started working here. When I did, I learned quickly that pain affects all of us at one point or another, in all different ways. Think about cancer, for instance. [...]

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Technology Redux

Hacking Your Body The other day, I wrote about using technology to your advantage, and the next day I went out and bought myself and my wife a Jawbone Up to play with. For me, I figured it would be another fun way to track my weight and sleep routine, [...]

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Wake Up Call

Worst. Wake-up Call. Ever. I wake up in pain with The Family Guy playing on the TV. It looks like the TV timer hasn't turned off yet, meaning that I've been asleep for less than 120 minutes. What's wrong with my stomach? Holy cow does this hurt. Oh this is [...]

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Technology Centered Results

Using Tech to Your Advantage We had a meeting yesterday at the office, and two members of the staff pulled out their fancy new bracelets. One of them was the Jawbone Up, the other the Nike+ FuelBand, both of which use various tools to track your activity and health. Each [...]

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Root Causes of Pain

I've had back pain for years. At one point, I was seeing a chiropractor who did a fair to middling job getting me adjusted, but I left him when my insurance lapsed and moved on to other options. Prior to starting here at Arizona Pain, I had to figure out [...]

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No Pain No Gain

Thanks to the Internet, we have thousands of motivational phrases, images, and videos scattered on virtually every website out there like no pain no gain. If you want to feel better about yourself or just get something accomplished, all it takes is a quick Google search and you’re on your way. But [...]

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Hidden Pain

Let me tell you a story about my hidden pain. It's almost unavoidable. The path that I have to take when driving from my house to the office can take many different shapes, but more often than not, the fastest one takes me right past the intersection of 92nd Street [...]

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Late Night Workouts

I’m a bit of a late bloomer. I was 17 and still had a squeaky voice. I think my beard officially came in when I turned 26, and I became a workaholic just a few years ago. As such, I’m often found behind my desk while the kids are sleeping [...]

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