If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from arthritis, you understand the toll it takes on your body. Many sufferers even shy away from joining in their favorite activities due to the pain. And, for others, simple acts like getting dressed can be hugely painful. That’s why we’ve gathered together 38 of the top arthritis aids for relieving your pain and helping you get back to your life.

Why are some arthritis aids better than others? 

Arthritis aids is a catch-all term to describe any of the tools, devices, or products people use to make life with arthritis a little easier. These arthritis aids may reduce bending-over movements if you suffer from hip arthritis, or they may make it a dream to open jars if you have arthritis of the hands.

The best arthritis aids are those that you use often, and easily. Cumbersome or overly expensive devices only drain you of time and money. Usually the simplest solution is the best one.

The Arthritis Foundation also put together the Ease of Use Commendation to recognize products that were proven to make life easier for people with arthritis. You’ll see that many of our recommendations here also receive this commendation. Since this program has a limited scope, we’ve also relied on online reviews and our own patient testimonials to pick out the best arthritis aids to help you get back to your life.

Do note that Pain Doctor doesn’t endorse any of these products, nor do we receive any money from affiliate ads. Always talk to your doctor before using any of these products to ensure that it will help with your specific pain condition.

The best arthritis gloves 

When you suffer from arthritis of the hands, mild compression from arthritis gloves can actually help reduce your pain and inflammation. It also helps retain warmth and increase your circulation. The Arthritis Foundation recommends five different arthritis gloves from IMAK®, depending on your needs:

Reviewers of these arthritis aids say they provide immediate, snug support for their hands. Whether you want open-finger comfort or a more slim and active style, there are many arthritis gloves you can choose from. Reviewers on Amazon also love VIVE’s arthritis compression gloves, with 4.3 stars and over 1,000 reviewers. Also check out Dr