A warm satisfying breakfast can kick off an amazing day. If you’re suffering from chronic pain or another chronic condition, put your absolute best foot forward by starting your day with anti-inflammatory breakfast recipes. Centered on whole, healthy foods, the following recipes are sure to please!

Why should you choose an anti-inflammatory breakfast? 

Inflammation is your body’s natural reaction as it fights off tissue damage, chemicals, or other injurious elements. Although natural, a continued state of inflammation may lead to common diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Inflammation can also exacerbate pain among chronic pain sufferers. Incorporating foods that fight inflammation into your diet can keep you healthy and decrease pain.

Although all fruits and vegetables contain powerful micronutrients that target your cells and boost your overall health, some foods carry extra anti-inflammatory benefits. These include the following. Find even more anti-inflammatory staples for your panty on Running on Real Food

Whole grains

The term whole grain literally means a food containing an entire grain–the bran, endosperm, and germ. These heart-healthy foods also help fight inflammation. Options include:

  • Whole-grain bread
  • Brown rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Quinoa
  • Millet

You’ll see that many of our anti-inflammatory breakfast recipes feature these foods. Do note though that many labels are misleading and might say “containing whole grain.” This does not mean they contain enough of the healthy parts to offer the health benefits you seek. Read the ingredients and make sure the first ingredient says “whole grain.” Better yet, cook one of our recipes and use whole grains directly so you know exactly what’s in your breakfast. 


Ginger offers potent anti-inflammatory powers. A 2013 study published in Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin found that diabetic patients suffering from low-grade inflammation who took two ginger tablets daily experienced significantly reduced inflammation.

Dark green vegetables

These strong-tasting vegetables include kale, spinach, broccoli, and chard. Not everyone loves the taste, but incorporating these incredibly healthy plants into your smoothies or yummy egg bakes in the morning will make your body happy. These vegetables contain a dense array of potent anti-inflammatory vitamins including A, C, and K.

Dark berries 

As LiveStrong explains: “Dark-colored fruits like berries tend to have higher concentrations of inflammation-fighting compounds than pale fruits like bananas. Berries are rich in unique compounds known as cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors that flip the “off” switch on a process that promotes inflammation.”

Green tea

Try serving a warm mug of green tea on the side of the following anti-inflammatory breakfast recipes. Green tea ranks among the healthiest drinks available. Green tea’s leaves are unfermented and the resulting beverage is rich in a compound called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). A 2007 study from the University of Michigan found EGCG stalled the formation of molecules that cause joint damage and inflammation in people with rheumatoid arthritis. For maximum benefit, try drinking two to three cups per day.

The best anti-inflammatory breakfast recipes

These are ten of the best quick and easy anti-inflammatory breakfast recipes to get started with for your day. We’ve got anti-inflammatory breakfast smoothies, as well as quick baked eggs, heart-healthy whole grains, quick breakfast cereals, and more.

10 Quick And Easy Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast Recipes | PainDoctor.com

1. Maple-baked rice porridge 

Brown rice is a great whole grain that’s cheap and healthy! Here, it is the star ingredient in a sweet baked rice porridge recipe. The porridge gets its flavor from cinnamon (an anti-inflammatory spice), vanilla extract, and maple syrup. Together, they bubble and caramelize when baked. Add your favorite fresh fruits for even more flavor. This anti-inflammatory breakfast recipe is so indulgent that you might even consider eating it for dessert too! Find the recipe here.

2. 5-minute herb baked eggs

Love eggs but don’t love the clean-up and time they often take? This recipe for herb-baked eggs takes only a few minutes to prepare. While you’re waiting, gather your stuff for the day, fill a mug with green tea, and then you’re ready to eat a wholesome meal. Add fresh herbs for their anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as dark greens like spinach. You’ll be off to work in no time! Find the recipe here.

3. Coffee and mint parfait 

Too much caffeine can dehydrate you, but it actually might have anti-inflammatory elements that balance it out. If you need a bit of caffeine to get out the door, this recipe might be perfect for you. Experts recommend sipping on one small cup of joe or better yet, incorporating a little bit of it into a recipe like this one. This parfait has the added benefit of including fresh mint, which has also been shown to relax blood vessels and minimize tightening in both the neck and head. With very few ingredients, and little to no prep time, you can make this dish fast before you have to leave. Find the recipe here.

4. Crunchy cinnamon granola 

Looking for an anti-inflammatory breakfast recipe that your kids will love to help you make and eat too?  Try this recipe for granola coated in anti-inflammatory cinnamon and mixed dried fruit! Throw in some flax seeds for even more benefits. This recipe requires little else than the ability to measure and mix. Plus, it’s a healthier alternative than a store-bought variety since it’s sweetened only with a touch of honey and dried fruits. Find the recipe here.

5. Energizing pineapple anti-inflammatory smoothie

As the Academy of Culinary Nutrition explains, “Pineapple contains bromelain, a type of proteolytic enzyme which helps the body fight inflammation. Turmeric and ginger are anti-inflammatory as well, while the chia seeds contain important omega 3 fatty acids.” Get a whole glass full of anti-inflammatory rockstars by starting your day with this smoothie. Find the recipe here.

6. Pecan banana bread overnight oats

Need an easy recipe that you can grab out of the fridge and take with you to work? Look no further than this whole grain based recipe. As Oprah.com explains: “In research published in the Journal of Nutrition, overweight and obese participants saw a drop in an inflammatory marker called C-reactive protein (CRP) when they ate foods that were low on the glycemic index, one of which is oats.” Find the recipe here.

7. Yogurt parfaits with raspberries and chia seeds

In this yogurt parfait recipe, the yogurt is layered with a chia seed mixture. Chia seeds are nutritional powerhouses, packed with fiber, protein, and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. The seeds are mixed with raspberries for a jam-like consistency here, but feel free to use any ripe berries or fruits you like for the same effect! Find the recipe here.

8. Warming ancient grains breakfast bowl

Wake up to this warm breakfast bowl on a cold winter morning! Made with ancient grains (your choice – amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, etc. will do!), coconut water or nut milk, and anti-inflammatory spices like cinnamon and clove, this is a meal that is as hearty and satisfying as it is good for you. Prep many of the ingredients ahead of time to make it easy to grab in the morning and reheat. Find the recipe here.

9. Greek yogurt recovery smoothie

If your resolution is to maintain an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and simplify your morning routine, then this recovery smoothie recipe is for you! It is filled with protein-rich, inflammation-fighting, and easily digestible ingredients, like spinach, blueberries, and greek yogurt. Find the recipe here.

10. Cacao anti-inflammatory breakfast smoothie

Love a dash of chocolate to start your day? Look no further than this smoothie recipe. The Mayans referred to cacao berry as the “food of the Gods”, and for good reason. Throughout history, the cacao plant has been revered for its healing properties. Among the many known health benefits, containing essential vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants, cacao is widely understood as a heart healthy food. This recipe also includes dark greens and berries for more effect. Find the recipe here.

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As always, talk with your doctor before making any changes to your diet. If you are not ready to make the change completely, how can you incorporate some of the principles of the anti-inflammatory diet into your meals?

Want even more anti-inflammatory recipes? Check out our list of anti-inflammatory dinner recipes and our smoothie recipes! Recommend any other anti-inflammatory breakfast recipes? Share your favorites in the comments! To find all of our pain-friendly recipes, click here!

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