In honor of World Arthritis Day on the 12th of this month, we’ve dedicated much of our time on the blog to discussing this condition in more depth. Arthritis is a complicated condition, with over 100 different types and affecting more than 175 million people globally. The burden of finding ways to prevent, manage, and eventually treat the symptoms of the condition is a pressing concern for all healthcare professionals.

From lifestyle interventions to treatments to assistive devices, here are 50+ ways you can begin the journey of reducing the impact of arthritis in your life, or the life of a loved one.

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Take one of these 3 reasons to heart for why you should start exercising, even if you have arthritis pain

We noted in our post that:

“Turns out, avoiding exercise is one of the worst things arthritis sufferers can do. For as many reasons as those with arthritis pain have to avoid exercise, there is research to show just how powerful a treatment exercise can be.”

In our post on the topic, we delved into the common excuses people give for not exercising with arthritis and debunked those. In turn, we gave our own scientifically-backed reasons for why you should be exercising.

Try one of these 6 exercises for knee pain related to arthritis

Exercising safely with arthritis is doable and helpful if you suffer from this pain condition. In our post “6 Exercises For Knee Pain Patients,” we discussed some lower impact exercises you can do to restore mobility in the knees, increase range of motion, and increase strength in the muscles above and below the knee.

Create an arthritis-healthy meal from one of 22 recipes 

With fall in the air, cooking is suddenly an even greater delight. By including inflammatory-fighting ingredients in your recipes, you can create pain-healthy meals that your whole family will love. Choose from “10 Of Our Favorite Fall Recipes,” or:

If you’re looking to make small changes throughout the kitchen to help with arthritis, check out our five recommendations for healthier food swaps you can make.

We also encourage you to subscribe to the blog to get updates on all of our healthy, anti-inflammatory recipes. In November, watch for a whole series of inspired meals for your Thanksgiving table.

Consider treating the mind to treat arthritis

Did you know that new research is showing that arthritis treatment for the body could actually come down to the mind? We reported on multiple new research studies that are starting to challenge the way we treat pain conditions, by turning the focus from the body to the mind-body connection. As we reported:

“Patients with arthritis as a result of joint deterioration should not, for example, be experiencing widespread muscle pain. The research team found that when patients anticipated a painful flare-up, the insula cortex in the brain showed increased activity. This area of the brain is associated not only with pain but also with emotional processing. This link to emotional processes may be the key in more targeted, mindfulness-based talk therapies aimed at decreasing brain activity in the insula cortex.”

Make these 5 changes at home and work to reduce arthritis pain

By making a few small changes, you can ensure your work and home spaces are set up to lessen strain on your joints and encourage active healing.

Our ergonomic recommendations include:

  • Taking walking breaks during the day to stretch and strengthen joints
  • Improving comfort by investing in a good, ergonomic, adjustable chair (and then making the correct adjustments for your body!)
  • Assessing your desk space to make sure it is set up for optimal neck alignment
  • Adjusting your keyboard and mouse to create a safe space for hands and wrists
  • Incorporating these same changes and mindfulness practices into your at-home set-up

Delve into one of these 5 arthritis research studies to see if one could impact your life 

We noted in our post that:

“Because so many are affected by arthritis and the physical, financial, and social cost is so high, researchers have been steadily looking to identify new treatments and potential causes that can help stop the progression of arthritis or prevent it from happening altogether.”

Key findings from this research round-up include:

  1. Omega-3s may help prevent arthritis
  2. A discovery of a new cause of arthritis
  3. Proteins that can protect against bone loss
  4. Oral health may be a preventative measure against arthritis
  5. A blood test for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis that could diagnose a patient before symptoms arise

Find out more about joint injections to see if they could help your arthritis pain

Joint injections typically use a corticosteroid and anesthetic to numb an affected area to reduce inflammation. Different types of injections may be useful for different conditions or affected areas of the body. In this post, we covered the wide range of treatment options available for arthritis patients. Read the article and then talk to your doctor about how these treatments might work for you.

Incorporate one of these 10 arthritis assistive devices into your daily routine 

Finally, some of the smallest changes can lead to the biggest results when it comes to arthritis pain. In our post, we covered ten incredibly useful devices that can help you manage your pain on a daily basis. Most of the devices are simple and easy to use, and that’s the point. For these — or any of the recommendations in this post — to be of use, it has to be able to be incorporated into your daily routine. That includes diet, ergonomic changes, exercise, or even long-term treatments.

Which of these arthritis tips and techniques will you incorporate into your life in order to help manage your arthritis pain? 


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