It’s November. Eleven months ago you resolved to eat healthier, but as you stare down the barrel of another fat-filled, sugar-laden holiday season you realize that, barring a few extra carrots sticks or a salad now and then, your diet has stayed pretty much the same. Don’t panic. These 13 food blogs for can help you jump start your healthy eating and keep it going well into next year.

1. Eating Bird Food

In addition to being newly gluten free, Brittany is a health coach and a personal trainer. Her food is easy, healthy, and delicious. Reading her blog and cooking her recipes feels like spending the day with a good friend.

2. Foodasaurus Rex

Danielle keeps her recipes seasonal and fresh, but is not above adding in a cupcake now and then. Her banana-free protein smoothie is an easy and delicious way to take breakfast on the go, especially when followed up with “souper simple” kale, tortellini, and bean soup for lunch!

3. Peanut Butter Fingers

This lovely blog features delicious snacks and recipe tips, plus giveaways and motivation for reaching your fitness goals. Some of the content is sponsored, but the author notes those posts clearly, and they do not interfere with the mission of the blog: living a life fueled by healthy food and fitness!

4. Running to the Kitchen

This blog features lovely sweet treats, but each recipe works hard to incorporate some element of healthy eating, whether it’s chia seeds in a pumpkin pie pudding parfait or crisp delicious green apples in a leek soup that’s topped with omega 3-rich walnuts. Running to the Kitchen also has a “guides and how-tos” section with tips and tricks for things like using up leftovers and making your own vanilla coconut oat milk.

5. Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth

Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth is a cutesy blog with some seriously delicious food and helpful nutrition information. The author created a “rabbit food pyramid” that outlines just what you need to get all of your essentials while eating a vegetarian diet, meal by meal. Weight loss and healthy eating go hand-in-hand here, with the author sharing her own lifelong struggles with her weight. This blog is great for a kind, supportive nudge and encouragement for healthier food choices!

6. Healthy Tipping Point

Yes, there are recipes on this blog. Yes, there is information on fitness, specifically running. What we like about this blog is the fact that it is written by a busy new mom who wears many hats and still has time to feed her family homemade, healthy food. Caitlin’s recipes will convince you that, yes, you do have the time and the skill to eat better!

7. Slim Pickin’s Kitchen

This down home blog is all about the pumpkin right now, offering a free e-Book to new subscribers. Never mind the fact that the book is free. The recipes on this blog are luscious, healthy adaptations of good old southern cooking. The super simple sweet potato biscuits will change what you think you know about biscuits, using sweet potatoes and coconut oil to bump up the nutritional benefits. The author of this blog is working on weight loss, so most recipes have basic nutritional information listed at the bottom of the page.

8. Fit Bottomed Eats

When you think of healthy eating, cocktails don’t usually spring to mind, but in a recent post Fit Bottomed Eats analyzes popular drinks and mixers to help make cocktails just a bit less taxing to the system. The goal of this blog is to “Be a foodie with a fit booty,” so they focus on eating the foods you like in a healthy way. And who wouldn’t want nine healthy ways to get a chocolate fix or a recipe for tuna zoodle mac and cheese? Add to that a tab for ways to eat that organizes recipes into vegan, paleo, low-carb, and more, and you have a great healthy-eating resource.

9. Breakfast to Bed

Breakfast to Bed’s author cat Bowen is a triathelete and a busy mom of two who uses humor and commentary to motivate herself (and her readers) to eat delicious, healthy food. Her food photography is mouth-watering, as are her recipes. The “recipage” allows you to browse by yummy picture, or simply scroll down and pick your meal or preferred cooking method.

10. fANNEtastic Food

A registered dietician-in-training is the author of this blog, and it shows. Anne runs, does Crossfit, and practices yoga, all while maintaining a blog with information on fitness, health, and eating well. She even offers tips on becoming a blogger! While the site is heavy with ads and sponsors, the content is valuable and worth it.

11. Iowa Girl Eats

Caramelized sweet potato and kale fried rice was the first recipe we found on Iowa Girl Eats, and we were hooked! Kristin Porter, the eponymous Iowa girl, writes delicious, easy-to-follow weekly menus of food that are “as healthy as

[her] sweet tooth allows!” She also links tons of workouts, everything from straight cardio to easy treadmill workouts. This is a great way to combine diet and exercise in one blog!

12. Sprouted Kitchen

“A healthier take on whole foods.” Thus begins the glorious food and food photography that makes up this much-lauded healthy-eating blog. The font is a little small to read, but the effort is worth it. Each recipe is beautifully photographed and uses seasonal, fresh ingredients. Healthy eating needn’t mean bland, uninspired food. Foodies flock to this blog and it’s no wonder; Sprouted Kitchen won the Saveur Best Food Blog for Original Recipes in 2013.

13. A Couple Cooks

A Couple Cooks makes eating healthy a family affair. Sonya and Alex cook together to make home cooking more appealing to couples. Their recipes are a good mix of crowd pleasers like All-Star Sweet Potato Chili, small plates and salads, and desserts. These two bloggers chose to leave behind long lists of unpronounceable ingredients, embracing whole foods and a largely meat-free diet. Their recipes are simple and easy to follow, and their story is compelling.

National Healthy Eating Day is November 5, 2014. What blogs or websites help you get started and stay on track with healthy eating?

Image by kaktuslampan via Flickr


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