One of the joys of the holiday season is the pace. Although there are times when we frantically rush from pillar to post, rushing to get gifts wrapped, purchased, and delivered, there are other times when we are able to slow down and enjoy our family and friends. This might be at a family gathering or a holiday concert, or it might be when we sit down and create something together.

For those with chronic pain conditions, this can be an easier way to enjoy the holiday without the stress of entertaining or making plans that may need to be cancelled. Here are ten easy decorating crafts that kids and their parents (or grandparents!) can do together.

Wreaths for the door

Show your holiday style with a wreath for your front door. There are many styles to choose, from peacock feathers to pine cones to candy to bay laurel to found objects. The possibilities are endless! All you need is a foam wreath the size that you would like, a low-temperature hot glue gun (especially if young children will be joining you), and some imagination. This decorating craft is quick and easy.

Wreath place cards

Along the same lines of the wreath for the door, use smaller foam wreaths to make place cards for a holiday party. Kids can have fun personalizing each wreath for each person, tying a ribbon on the top so that guests can take them home as party favors. Use any of the styles of wreath above (or create your own), then carefully print or letter each name on card stock. Affix name plate onto the finished wreath with hot glue, and you’re done!

Tree ornaments

As far as holiday decorating crafts go, this one offers the most opportunity to express your creative flair. Mosaic ornaments are a beautiful way to bring sparkling color into your home, as are funky paint-filled ornaments. Or leave clear ornaments clear and fill them with feathers, glitter, small shells, beautiful stones, or other small objects. You can bake and decorate ornaments for a two-day craft, or take pictures of family members and place them either in recycled frames or make your own.

Bird seed ornaments

Feathered friends can get hungry during the winter months, especially if the season is snowier than normal. Give them a helping hand and get some exercise at the same time by creating bird seed ornaments. Regular exercise is recommended for chronic pain, and a leisurely walk on a snowy day can elevate the mood. Collect large pinecones as you go. When you return home, attach a hanging string to each pine cone (a simple knot is fine, and the string can be yarn or whatever you have handy). Spread each pinecone liberally with peanut butter then roll in birdseed. If you do not hang these immediately, store in sealed plastic bags in the ‘fridge, then take another walk, hanging the pinecones as you go. Hang them where you can enjoy watching the birds come and go.

Table decorations

Holiday decorating crafts include not only the wintry season but also all holidays celebrated during the month of December. The kinara plays a large part in holiday decorating for Kwanzaa. The seven candles represent the seven principles of Kwanzaa, and there are many different ways to create this beautiful table centerpiece. Likewise, create a personalized menorah or a simple menorah made from a log. Other centerpiece ideas include vases filled with holly, water, and floating candles, centerpieces with stuff you already have, and much more!

Holiday stockings

The possibilities for stockings as holiday decorating crafts are as endless as the number of feet in shoes. Use nearly any material you can think of to form the basic shape then get crafty with names and designs.

DIY gifts

Sometimes the lines and stress of shopping for gifts can be overwhelming for someone with a chronic pain condition. Although not technically a holiday decorating craft, DIY holiday gifts can be a great way to get creative with the kids and take care of some gift giving. 10-minute peppermint soap is an easy, delicious-smelling holiday craft that doubles as a hostess gift, as is any type of aromatherapy bath salts. You can make fall-themed crafts with pumpkin spice scents instead of peppermint. Get crafty with decorating jars, labels, and wrapping paper. Why not even make your own wrapping paper while you’re at it?

Wrapping paper

Make your own wrapping paper using plain paper (or recycled newspapers) and stamps, paper towel rolls, or painter’s tape. Using recycled newspaper is a great way to teach kids how to be environmentally responsible, especially during this season when so much packaging is present. They can even put their own personal, unique touch on gifts with their fingerprints.

Recycled (or upcycled) holiday crafts

Tree skirts made from actual skirts are one good way to use your old poodle skirts! If you have any old salt shakers lying around collecting dust, fill them with an inch of salt and place small pine branches or mini models of animals in them for a woodland table decoration. Create a DIY advent calendar out of small envelopes and a dusty picture frame. If you have an attic, chances are you have the makings of some beautiful holiday decorations. Spend an afternoon reminiscing with the kids over old photos, then bring them downstairs and create a beautiful family photo collage.

Snow globes

Snow globes are beautiful holiday decorating crafts that reflect the personality of the maker. Use any small glass jar with a lid. Hot glue a small object to the lid, then add clear glitter (or any color you prefer. Fill the globe with water. Place a small bead of clear adhesive caulk to the inside of the lid, the screw the lid onto the jar tightly. Let the caulk set for 24 hours, then give your snow globe a shake!

Don’t let chronic pain take the joy out of fall. Easy decorating crafts allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones. Take a moment to browse these Pinterest boards for more great ideas!

Image by OakleyOriginals via Flickr


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