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What Is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition that affects the arms and legs. The main cause is generally trauma or an accident of some kind, but not necessarily directly in the area affected by CRPS. This condition is as complex as its name, and treatments can vary […]

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What Is Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy?

The body is controlled by two systems of nerves in the body. The first system is the central nervous system (CNS), which includes the brain and the spinal cord. The second system is the peripheral nervous system (PNS). This system consists of the wide-ranging network of nerves that spread throughout […]

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Benefits Of Chiropractic Treatments

An ounce of prevention and a pound of cure all in one, chiropractic treatments have many benefits that go beyond just feeling better. Developed in 1895 by D.D. Palmer, chiropractic first proved its health benefits when Harvey Lillard came to Palmer with deafness in one ear. Palmer realized a vertebra […]

Conditions Treated With Chiropractic Care

With October being National Chiropractic Health Month, it’s a good time to review the conditions that chiropractic care can treat. While many people view chiropractic as a treatment of last resort or something appropriate only when their back hurts, chiropractic care offers relief for a wide variety of conditions and […]

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National Chiropractic Health Month

October is National Chiropractic Health Month, and with the change in seasons comes a change in the way we look at health care. The American Chiropractic Association uses this month to educate people about chiropractic care and to bring awareness to its benefits. This year’s theme is “Conservative Care First!,” […]

Observing World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day is observed this year on October 12. Worldwide, 175 million people suffer from some type of arthritis, with over 10% of the world’s population over 60 having some symptoms of osteoarthritis. With these numbers, arthritis is the fourth leading cause of years lived with a disability, and […]

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Fears Of U.S. Ebola Outbreak Largely Unfounded, Officials Say

As news of the Ebola outbreak has spread, so have fears of a sweeping epidemic that could threaten lives and wreak havoc on communities. While Ebola can be fatal, health officials say that fears of an epidemic threatening the United States are largely unfounded and the resulting stress could be […]

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Recipe: Edamame And Pea Salad With Sesame Chia Vinaigrette

If you are suffering from an inflammatory disorder such as arthritis, consider adding more omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. Studies have shown that patients with an increased consumption of these nutrients have been able to significantly reduce the symptoms associated with arthritis. Both edamame and chia seeds have a […]

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Connect With Other Arthritis Sufferers Online

With the expansion of social media and internet speeds that are faster than ever before, connecting with other arthritis sufferers online has never been easier. If you are the only person around you suffering from arthritis, or if you live in a rural or ex-urban community that keeps you physically […]

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Preparing For Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is arguably the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, the culmination of the ten-day period of High Holy Days that begins on the first day of the seventh month with Rosh Hashanah.

On Rosh Hashanah, God inscribes a person’s fate into the Book of Life, and during the Days […]

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