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Eat This, Not That: Burger Edition!

The weather is warming and the grills are coming out. You don’t want to overwhelm your arteries with too much red meat, but if you have to eat another cardboard-tasting veggie burger you’ll scream. You are in luck on both counts. If you must have red meat, there is […]

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    Use the Energy of Earth Day to Help Heal Your Pain and Reduce Stress

Use the Energy of Earth Day to Help Heal Your Pain and Reduce Stress

The snow has thawed. Daffodils and crocus are finally starting to peep out from the frozen ground, and the world is preparing to celebrate Earth Day today on April 22. Spring is a time of birth and renewal. If you are feeling overwhelmed or in pain, now is the […]

How Does Exercise Reduce Overall Stress Level?

When deadlines loom and the daily schedule gets overwhelming, adding a walk to the day or scheduling a Zumba class may be the last thing people think of to handle stress, but research has proven that exercise can help to reduce overall stress levels. How does it work?

Consistent, moderate […]

Resources for Treating Mental Disorders

Mental disorders are complex and can be very difficult to handle on your own. Sometimes the causes of our mental illness are complicated by other medical issues, such as chronic pain or disease, and we feel isolated and alone. It may seem like our family doesn’t understand and that […]

Childhood Mental Health Issues

We like to think that childhood is free from worry or care, but the fact is that mental health issues are present for approximately 25% of children every year. The most common issues are depression, anxiety, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Autism, although less common than these three […]

Can Depression Hurt?

Chronic pain is a long-standing pain that is not new. It may be as a result of an injury or trauma to the body that did not heal properly, or it may arise from a chronic condition such as fibromyalgia or arthritis. In keeping with the idea of a […]

What Is Fibro Fog?

Fibromyalgia is a complex and difficult disease that affects approximately five million people in the U.S., most of whom (80-90%) are women. There are many ideas about what causes the disease, including a genetic link or a tie to a traumatic event, such as an accident or certain diseases, […]

Can Anxiety Disorders Affect Pain?

Financial woes, the housing crisis, an unstable world: these are some of the reasons that the diagnosis of anxiety disorders is rising, up nearly 300% since 2000. Anxiety disorders can include any of the following conditions.
Panic disorder
Symptoms include sudden onset and intense feelings of nervous apprehension, fear, and anxiety. […]

Stress and Older Adults

Stress and how we deal with it throughout our lives plays an important part in the aging process. Our bodies deal with stress by releasing the hormone cortisol and adrenaline to either deal with the stress head on or to leave the stressful situation. After this response, our levels […]

Helping Kids Manage Stress

Childhood is a relatively new invention, basically unheard of until the early 20th century. At that point, child labor laws placed age restrictions on factory workers, public schools became more common, and kids began to experience free time that they had not had before. TV shows from the mid-20th […]