All over the internet 150,000,000 blogs produce approximately 46,000,000 posts daily. With so much information swirling around, how do you find the best fibromyalgia blogs, with information that is accurate and helpful? Here are the best fibromyalgia blogs online right now, as awarded by!

Dawn’s Fibro Blah Blah Blog

Dawn’s fibromyalgia blog chronicles her multiple chronic illnesses, her struggle with the medical community, and her quest for alternative treatments to help her get well (think belly dancing!). On the left side of her blog is a list of excellent, up-to-date resources for daily management of chronic pain as well as research links and support communities.

Seeking Equilibrium

Rosemary Lee compares herself to road kill in one of her most recent fibromyalgia blog entries, and the humor and honesty goes on from there. Her writing is honest and, at times, raw and painful. She addresses relationships, daily struggles, and depression with a straightforward manner, and her photography and art complement each blog entry.

This Is My Fibro

This fibromyalgia blog declares defiantly, ““I only get one life and I will not let fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it.” Written by a foster mother of two, This Is My Fibro goes deep into detail about the author’s personal struggles but also delves into daily life, offering product reviews for tools that make life easier for the fibro sufferer.


A simple title for a helpful blog that offers information and resources, including conference dates, tips for better sleeping and healthy eating, and ideas for helping family and friends understand the condition. This fibromyalgia blog is informative and packs a lot of information into each post.

Chronicles Of Fibromyalgia

Leah’s wildly popular blog relates the daily struggles of a fibromyalgia sufferer in the voice of a friend. She offers support, encouragement, and practical ideas for dealing with everything from cooking to dealing with expectations to living in faith.

Cranky Fibro Girl

Jenny Ryan, a.k.a, Cranky Fibro Girl, harnesses the power of sarcasm and snark to fight fibromyalgia. From her manifesto, a document that offers helpful advice to doctors of fibromyalgia patients: “Please believe us when we tell you that the progression of our illness and/or our recovery is not linear. And often there is no visible cause and effect between what happens in our life and the symptoms we do (or do not) experience.  Trust us when we tell you that if we ever do determine a consistent, repeatable pattern, there will be a party. And you will be invited. We promise-if that ever happens, you will know.” If humor is your weapon of choice in your own fight, this is the fibromyalgia blog for you!

Inspired Living With Fibromyalgia

Emily doesn’t let her fibromyalgia diagnosis rule her life. She chooses instead to focus on the things she can change or control, and her blog is a reflection of that focus. From the inspiration gallery with its stories and photos to tips and “simple aids” for daily life, Inspired Living With Fibromyalgia is truly inspiring.

Mummy Whisperer Blog

Diagnosed less than two years ago, the Mummy Whisperer specializes in helping parents with fibromyalgia, addressing issues with anger, relationships, feeling underappreciated, and parenting. Although it deals with specific issues related to fibromyalgia, this blog