Somewhere between Jello molds and slow cooking classics that are gourmet, locally sourced, and preciously presented lies the 15 best food blogs for holiday meals. While not all of these are specifically holiday blogs, you can count on each one to present delicious, seasonal food, beautifully prepared and easy to replicate for your holiday table. And newsflash: vegetarians and those who are gluten free can join in the holiday fun, too!

1. BlogHer’s Holiday Food Guide

Our first blog isn’t one blog at all. BlogHer has assembled the best holiday food blogs from their contributors and put them all in one handy place. From the best and worst Christmas treats of all kinds to the Grinch’s Who Hash recipe, there is something for everyone. Even if that everyone needs a complete vegan Thanksgiving meal!

2. Christmas Recipes

This blog’s title may specialize in Christmas, but the recipes don’t discriminate against other holidays. Whether you need 28 make-ahead breakfast and brunch recipes or cocktails for a crowd, this site offers easy and delicious recipes that feature ratings with comments so you know what you’re getting into.

3. Orangette

Started initially as a baking blog, Orangette has morphed into something different. Part memoir, part love letter to her family’s two restaurants, part baking adventure, this blog is a literary feast and offers any number of delicious recipes for a holiday meal. The recipe index alone is mouth-watering reading.

4. Not Without Salt

Winner of Saveur’s 2013 Best Food blog category, Not Without Salt is a feast for the eyes and the mind. Both literary and luscious, this blog offers food photography and recipe writing at its finest. Have stale bread, roasted chicken from dinner, and leftover sausage from breakfast? Add a handful of beautiful winter greens and try out the smoked chicken and sausage panzanella.

5. 101 Cookbooks

Billed as a “recipe journal,” this vegetarian blog has delicious seasonal recipes for all types of eaters, including carnivores. Recipes are hearty and organized both by season and ingredient.

6. The Domestic Man

This blog posts brand-new gluten free and paleo-friendly recipes every Tuesday. The recipes tend to be meat-centric and run to the international. Oven roasted pernil is a Puerto Rican pork dish traditionally served during the holidays, easy to roast in the oven, and suited for a crowd of hungry relatives.

7. Hipster Food

More beautiful, inspiring pictures of delicious natural food than a step-by-step compendium of recipes, Hipster Food is a gorgeous look into the other side of vegan cooking. Maple cookie butter granola is a great place to start. The recipe archive does offer other delicious treats, all suitable for a long, leisurely holiday celebration (or just a quick sweet!).

8. Spoon Fork Bacon

This blog is an all-around winner, but for their party food archives and seasonal recipes they cannot be beat. Say hello to fall and the start of the holidays with pumpkin risotto and seared scallops and goodbye with marbled pumpkin cheesecake bars.

9. Chasing Delicious

Chasing Delicious marries how-to blogs with mouth-watering recipes to create a totally functional cooking blog that offers tons of options for holiday recipes and entertaining. The site is divided into cooking, baking, cocktails, kitchen 101, style, and home and garden and can be a huge help when it’s time to cook for friends and family.

10. Nana Jenn’s Holiday Recipes

Heavy on the holiday cookies from many different traditions, Nana Jenn’s does not disappoint those who desire a wide variety of holiday cookies and cakes. Try her cookies from around the world and visit five countries without leaving the couch!

Specialized holiday cooking blogs

Holidays can be especially difficult for those with food restrictions due to pain or other health conditions. Luckily, there are many gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan food blogs with delicious and pain-friendly options!

11. Oh She Glows

Specializing in vegan options, Oh She Glows offer complete menus for a luxurious vegan holiday feast. Don’t think vegan food can be luxurious? Check out her recipe for gooey pumpkin spice chocolate latte pudding cake.

12. Post Punk Kitchen

PPK offers a Thanksgiving recipes page with everything from appetizers and nibbles to desserts. These recipes don’t require a degree in nutrition or ultra-specialized ingredients to prepare, and even non-vegans will enjoy them.

13. Gluten-free Girl

If this is your first holiday season going gluten free, start with this blog. This page in particular will set you on the road to baking happily with gluten free flours. Scroll down to the bottom for recipes organized by degree of baking confidence, and you’re on your way!

14. Golubka

Gluten free AND vegan and still able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal? Absolutely. Maybe an entirely raw holiday meal isn’t your idea of a holiday meal, but for those with food restrictions it is a way to sit down with family for a meal without worry.

15. Sprouted Kitchen

Finally, a vegetarian blog that everyone will enjoy. Sprouted Kitchen showcases beautiful winter greens and unusual side dishes and still manages to slip in some sweets.

For more of the best food blogs of all types, take a look at Delish’s top picks!

Image by Lali Masriera via Flickr