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Is It Normal Post-Workout Soreness Or Pain?

There is an unfortunate saying that has floated through the fitness community for many years: no pain, no gain. While it is true that a certain amount of discomfort is to be expected as you work long-dormant muscle groups, the idea that you have to be in pain to make [...]

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Alternative Abs Workouts

It is the stuff of nightmares: the old-school PE teacher, with shorts pulled up to his chin, collared white polo tucked in, standing over hapless students doing hundreds of sit-ups to prove that they are “fit.” For years, this was the norm for abdominal exercises with a daily prescribed amount [...]

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What Type of Exercise Should I Do?

Amid the mind-boggling array of exercise options available—from trendy to classic, hard-core to gentle, and everything in between—the only thing more difficult than actually sticking to a workout plan is figuring out which exercise to do. Ultimately, the right workout depends on your personal preferences, existing physical ability, and the [...]

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Going Strong

Muscles Used In Running Some people think running just works a person's legs, but that couldn't be more wrong. Running incorporates many more muscles in addition to the obvious ones, a fact which I discovered after experiencing total body soreness in the first weeks I started running regularly. It's easy [...]

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Working Out

Exercise out is pretty simple. Whittled down to basics, it’s just any activity that burns calories and builds muscle. And sure, you can make it harder if you want, by giving it more structure, creating a schedule, setting goals and competing with others, but ultimately, all exercise really is, is movement. Simple. Similarly, [...]

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Cheap Workouts

I don't know about you, but in this economy, I barely have enough money for groceries, let alone a gym membership. Working out gets lost in the mix of everyday life. Yesterday I was thinking about how I could get back into shape with some cheap workouts. I, of course, [...]

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