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Tangy Grilled Acorn Squash Recipe

Make Tangy Grilled Acorn Squash in Minutes Ingredients: 2 pounds acorn squash 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 clove garlic minced salt 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar 2 tablespoons brown sugar Chopped fresh mint Directions: Heat grill. Prepare squash by halving and removing seeds. Peel the squash and cut into 1/2 [...]

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Spicy Chicken Soup Recipe

Awesome Spicy Chicken Soup Recipe Homemade soup is a great option for those trying to lose weight. It is a great way to eat lean meat and vegetables. The following soup recipes are low in sodium, high in fiber and a filling meal without excessive calories. Plus, they can be [...]

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Spanish Grilled Vegetables

How To Make Spanish Grilled Vegetables Spanish Grilled Vegetables are awesome no matter what time of year it is! Check out this awesome recipe. Ingredients: 3 large red bell peppers -- seeded, quartered 4 large Japanese eggplants -- cut lengthwise into 3 slices 4 medium yellow zucchini -- cut lengthwise [...]

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Curried Pumpkin Soup

How to Prepare Curried Pumpkin Soup The idea of an anti-inflammatory diet is to provide your body with the healthiest ingredients that are shown to provoke the fewest inflammatory responses. While each person will react differently to foods, research has shown diets including a wide variety of vegetables are the healthiest. [...]

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