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Menopause And Joint Pain – What’s The Connection?

There are many different causes of joint pain, but for women, add one more to the list: menopause. Menopause and joint pain may be a surprising combination, but 41% of perimenopausal (before menopause) women and 57% of post-menopausal women reported a significant increase in joint pain. Does menopause cause joint [...]

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Is Dementia Prevalence Increasing?

Dementia is a devastating debilitating disease that affects over 46 million people across the globe, with many people worried that dementia prevalence is increasing. The toll that this condition takes on not only the patient but also caregivers, friends, and families is high. The basics of dementia prevalence Dementia is [...]

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Smart Walkers And Alert Devices?

When we think of technology, we often think of younger generations with their complicated and ever-changing devices. Smart phones, smart watches, smart cars: the smart revolution seems to have missed adults over 60. Or has it? Smart walkers and smart alert devices are being developed to help older adults maintain [...]

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Are We Overmedicating Our Elderly?

Getting older is a part of life. The best-case scenario for aging may be “aging in place” with family around to provide care. Modern medicine has made it possible for people to live longer, healthier lives, but in some cases, a nursing home or assisted living facility is the best [...]

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