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Pain Clinic Houston Performs First DRG Stimulation Procedure

Until now, the most recent breakthroughs in chronic pain treatments have been largely pharmaceutical. Researchers have been primarily focused on finding new targets for chronic pain and creating medications to “personalize” prescriptions. While this is welcome for many chronic pain patients, others may find that the side effects of these [...]

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What Is DRG Stimulation?

Neurostimulation has been a go-to treatment for chronic back pain management for many years. Spinal cord stimulation in particular is often a recommended treatment option for refractory or intractable back pain that has not responded to other treatments. With spinal cord stimulation, a small electrical pulse is sent to the [...]

Understanding The Many Types Of Nerve Pain

The term “neuropathy” refers to a disorder or disease of the nerves. This can include sensory numbness, muscle weakness or paralysis, gastric dysfunction, or pain. The pain caused by neuropathy is referred to as neuropathic pain, or nerve pain. There are many different types of nerve pain, divided into categories based [...]

Discussing Nerve Pain In October

This month on, we focused on the subject of nerve pain--in all of its varying forms and treatment methods. Through an in-depth coverage of this topic, we've hoped to shed some light on the many types of nerve pain, as well as how those with nerve pain can find [...]

Complex Regional Pain Treatments and Therapies

As we discussed on the blog yesterday, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic neurological pain syndrome. There are many treatments that can help with the symptoms of CRPS; however, there is no single treatment to cure. The following treatments can help ease symptoms: Pharmacological Therapy - Pain management physicians [...]

What Is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS, is an uncommon type of chronic pain that generally occurs after an injury or traumatic event. CRPS usually affects a certain limb after an injury, surgery, stroke, or heart attack, but the pain itself is prolonged and uncharacteristically out of proportion to the injury [...]

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