This Is The Spoonie Life – 29 People Who Nailed It

//This Is The Spoonie Life – 29 People Who Nailed It

This Is The Spoonie Life – 29 People Who Nailed It

Spoonie life can be difficult. Trying to do everything you need to get done with a limited amount of energy and an excess amount of pain can really wear you down. That’s why we like to look for people who really get it. Here are 29 people who really nailed the spoonie life.

This is the spoonie life 

1. When you wake up thinking, “This is the day I do all of the things!”

2. And then your partner points out that you are still lying down after tying your shoes…ten minutes later.

3. But hey…this is what everyone’s animals appreciate about you…your stillness.

4. Since you have trouble with a full-time work, you can always be a student with a spoonie life, right?

5. Or maybe on good days you think you might be able to do both!

6. Because a new medical breakthrough might be just around the corner, make sure to load up your schedule.

7. And then the spoonie life catches up to you.

8. Maybe you just wanted to rest your eyes for a few minutes.

9. Even if it’s just after you woke up from a “full night’s rest.”

10. Thankfully, there are plenty of folks to remind you that you look like you could use a nap.

11. You know spoonie life means keeping a few spoons in reserve for emergencies.

12. Because life can get really exciting.

13. And we mean, really exciting.

14. At least there are some people trying to offer encouraging words.

15. It’s important to have a support system that understands what you are going through.

16. You know you can take charge whenever you want to, right?

17. But you don’t often want to.

18. You can still fight the good fight.

19. So you are ready for the rare occasion when you feel so good you want to get up and move!

20. Everyone will welcome you to the world outside your bedroom door.

21. Until it’s time to return to the spoonie life.

22. When it’s the middle of the day and you still have spoons left.

23. You are ready to take on the world, but be responsible about it.

24. Ultimately, the spoonie life is about pacing yourself.

25. And making small adjustments to your daily routine.

26. And even sometimes just making it clear what you need.

27. Celebrating daily triumphs is important.

28. Keeping your head up is also a great strategy, even if it doesn’t always work like it is supposed to.

29. Tomorrow is another day.

What rings true about the spoonie life for you?


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