What started out as a flowery online bulletin board for DIYers and crafters has turned into a vital resource for pain inspiration, tips, and support. Pinterest has become one of the best places for chronic pain patients to find recipes, inspiring quotes and blogs, infographics, and resources for pain management. Here are ten of our favorite pinners and Pinterest boards.

1. Fibromyalgia The Green Monster

This board has a no-nonsense approach to fibromyalgia with little time or patience for fluffy stuff. Although we appreciate the fluffy stuff, too, sometimes chronic pain patients just need straight talk, resources, and advice.

2. No One Should Ever Know What RSD/CRPS Feels Like

Peyton Sawyer is the face behind this Pinterest board. Her pins highlight what it feels like to be young and diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome. She also offers pins on the best sleeping positions for which types of pain, and helpful infographics for chronic pain education.

3. Chronic Pain

This aptly title Pinterest board offers great resources for dealing with chronic pain, plus practical tips for exercising with low back pain. Visitors can add themselves to this board and upload their own helpful pins, making this a collaborative effort that reflects the needs of the users.

4. Chronic Pain Recipes

Eating for chronic pain comes with multiple challenges, not the least of which includes being able to actually make food on a day with a flare-up. This Pinterest board offers food ideas and recipes to increase energy, decrease inflammation, and prepare for days with more pain. The pinner is a foodie and makes sure to include kitchen tips in general and sweet treats, some of which are low in sugar or sugar-free.

5. Pain Relief, Etc

Mary Ramsey’s Pinterest board is filled with practical advice, funny memes, and tips for exercising with chronic pain. She also offers plenty of resources regarding starting and maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet, including recipes and simple lists of foods to eat and foods to avoid.

6. Managing RA

As the title would suggest, managing RA is a board filled with resources for living with chronic pain in general, but rheumatoid arthritis specifically. The board’s author, Jessy’O Pina, provides pins that explain the elimination diet, suggest adaptive tools for the kitchen, and offer suggestions for pain-relieving exercise.

7. Endo-mentary Dear Watson

This clever play on words belies the serious mission of this Pinterest board: to lessen or eliminate endometriosis pain through diet. The focus here is on fresh, non-processed foods, but the recipes are simple, easy to follow, and feature common ingredients. Crystal Tomczyk recognizes that it’s difficult to eat clean but wants to make it as simple as possible with accessible recipes.

8. Exercises/Chronic Pain

Another Pinterest board with a straightforward name and focus. Sandy Petty pins accessible and simple exercises for all types and levels of chronic pain. One of our favorites doesn’t even involve exercise. She has curated a pin for a self-holding exercise that is helpful to regulate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD can be a result of trauma, and those who have chronic pain as a result of an accident may also suffer from this mental condition. We appreciate the fact that Petty acknowledges the mental aspects of chronic pain on her board!

9. Exercise For Chronic Pain

Another board that recognizes exercise’s mood-boosting and depression-busting effects! This board offers seated workouts, pool workouts, and other workouts tailored to specific body parts or types of pain. Many of the exercises are rehabilitative but work for chronic pain. This board also looks at using meditation and music to help relax and de-stress, further acknowledging the amplifying effects that stress can have on chronic pain.

10. Chronic Pain Humor

There is nothing funny about chronic pain…except when there is something funny. These 400+ pins highlight the absurdity that chronic pain can be, making light of serious conditions. While some may feel that laughing at their situation minimizes the gravity of it, others will smile and maybe even laugh when they see memes regarding simple things like moving, standing up, and endless caring suggestions of treatment options (from those without chronic pain!).

Get started!

Feeling inspired? Starting your own Pinterest account is simple.

  • Sign up on Pinterest: This service is free and easy to use. You need an email account, and those are also free through Gmail. If you already have an email account, you can use that. If you prefer, your settings on Pinterest can be adjusted so that you receive no email notifications.
  • Create separate boards: You can organize pins into specific boards to make finding them easier. Use simple categories like recipes, exercise, and research.
  • Use the search bar to find pins to add to your board: Use keywords to find pinners, pins, or boards on topics of interest.
  • Invite friends to follow you, and search directly for friends in the search bar
  • Pin away!

With so much information available online, keeping it handy and organized in one place can be a useful. If you are already using Pinterest, what boards do you like best? Make sure to find Pain Doctor on Pinterest too! 


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