Lower back pain is epidemic, with an estimated 80 to 90% of people in the U.S. experiencing it at some point in their lives. Another 44 to 78% of people who have back pain have a reoccurring incidence of it. Lower back pain is the leading cause of missed work in the U.S. as well as the number one cause of work-related disability. If you are experiencing lower back pain, you can find lower back pain relief in ten minutes or less with these five videos and ten infographics.

Lower back pain relief in ten minutes or less: Five videos

1. If what you are looking for a quick video that is well-rounded, easy, and accessible to every level, this seven-minute video from Grokker has a full program that includes stretching and strengthening.

2. Need something even faster than that? Try this 1MinuteExercises video detailing supported stretches and strengthening that can be completed in between tasks at the office.

3. Yoga is a great way to maintain back flexibility and to gently relieve pain in a flowing, supported way. Give it a try in six minutes or less, with this video from Christine Kobzeff.

4. Between getting the kids off to school and yourself out to work, working out in the morning can be challenging, but if all you have is five minutes, check out this video from the TappBrothers for increased back flexibility and strength. Some exercises can be completed before you even get out of bed.

5. If you have just five minutes more, check out Brian Treppanier’s routine that helped him end 17 years of lower back pain. This video has over 800,000 views with positive comments and testimonials from viewers. Treppanier recommends completing the full routine twice a day and says that he has been pain free for two and a half years.

Lower back pain relief in ten minutes or less: Ten infographics

  1. Knowing the anatomy of the back in general can help you better understand how to find lower back pain relief. This infographic from ZocDoc gives a great basic overview.
  2. Start at the beginning with Mount Sinai by understanding what sciatica pain is and how it affects the body with this detailed infographic.
  3. Yoga eases symptoms of lower back pain, but some routines can be too advanced. This simple infographic from ConsiderMeFit.com starts at the beginning with easy seated and supine stretches.
  4. Sometimes physical therapy can include re-thinking the way you go about your regular day. Driving, sleeping, and lifting can aggravate lower back pain. The Schering Corporation explains how.
  5. Check out these moderately more advanced exercises from GetHealthyU for lower back pain relief.
  6. Sometimes knee pain can accompany back pain. Rather than baby the knees while finding lower back pain relief, take a look at these ten exercises from SkinnyMom that help relieve lower back pain with support for painful knees.
  7. Work in an office? Have ten minutes on your lunch break or a few minutes in the afternoon? Find lower back pain relief from a day of sitting with these exercises from SportsInjuryClinic.net for the back and abdominal muscles.
  8. One way to find lower back pain relief is to improve strength in the back muscles that support the spine. These five exercises from Greatist do that in less than ten minutes.
  9. All of the exercises in the world won’t help if you are completing them incorrectly. In fact, you may be doing more harm than good. Check your form with WeightTrainingWOI.com here.
  10. Finally, check out these 60-second stretches with a handy guide from Danny Wallist PT to see which muscles are being targeted. As the entire body’s muscular system is related, you might not think the upper chest is related to a healthy and strong lower back, but releasing the pectoral muscles can actually help the trapezius muscles in the upper back maintain pain-free strength and flexibility. This can help you find lower back pain relief.

Lower back pain costs people in the U.S. an estimated $240 billion dollars annually in lost wages and productivity. It only takes ten minutes or less to find lower back pain relief; what works for you?


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